How Council buys

""Understanding how Brisbane City Council purchases can improve your chances of becoming a Council supplier.


Procurement is the process of buying goods, services and works. This can include a range of things from roads, footpaths, recreational and community facilities, parks and trees to heavy vehicles, office equipment, professional services, utilities and more.

Council procurement is guided by Sound Contracting Principles set out in the City of Brisbane Act 2010 which are:

  • Value for money
  • Open and effective competition
  • Development of competitive local business and industry
  • Environmental protection
  • Ethical behaviour and fair dealing

You can find out more about the Act on the Queensland Government website under City of Brisbane Act 2010.

For procurements worth more than $250,000, Council usually uses a public tender process. Once funding has been approved, the main steps in the tender process are:

  1. A strategy is prepared.
  2. A request for tender is prepared.
  3. The request is advertised.
  4. Suppliers respond.
  5. Tenders are evaluated and a supplier(s) are selected.
  6. Contract is signed and managed.
  7. Unsuccessful suppliers are notified.

Innovative proposals

Council recognises that the private sector may have proposals that fall outside of the list of major tenders planned for the current financial year. In order to be considered, these proposals must provide an improved service for Brisbane residents, reduce Council's delivery costs and align with the Brisbane Vision 2031.

Council's Innovative Proposals Policy outlines how proposals will be assessed. A guide has also been developed to provide direction for those wanting to submit a proposal to Council.

You can download:

Contract Manual and Annual Procurement Policy and Contracting Plan

Council's Contract Manual is the basic framework for Council procurement. It includes the thresholds for requesting quotes and tenders. It also includes some exemptions from the requirement to quote or tender.

You can download:

Council's Annual Procurement Policy and Contracting Plan provides more detailed information about Council's procurement activities. It includes a list of the significant procurements (worth $10 million and above) planned for the financial year and also many other large procurements worth above $1 million.

You can download:

Council's Principal Arranged Construction Insurance Program

For those organisations undertaking construction work on behalf of Council, it is important to know that Council has taken out Construction (public) liability insurance and Insurance of the Works policies as part of their Principal Arranged Construction Insurance (PACI) program. 

Find more information on Council's Principal Arranged Construction Insurance Program.  

Terms and conditions 

Learn about the conditions of quotes and tenders, contracts and orders.

24 November 2016