International Business

Brisbane is committed to advancing its place in Asia and the world, building mutually beneficial relationships with other cities, and promoting Brisbane as Australia's New World City.

Long-term economic prosperity and productivity growth is increasingly affected by what happens in our cities. It can be assumed that global competition for investment, skilled workers and such prosperity will revolve around the best performing cities of the world, rather than countries. It is for this reason alone that Brisbane City Council's International Relations Program is a cornerstone of its economic development strategy.

Networking with other leading global cities allows Brisbane to exchange best practice ideas and experiences, informing future thinking on delivering economic growth and providing effective and efficient local services for the community.


Sister Cities program

Brisbane City Council works closely with local and international agencies and organisations to leverage our sister city relationships to achieve the best possible business outcomes. By working strategically with all levels of government, business and other peak industry bodies, we develop real economic outcomes for Brisbane residents and businesses.

Asia Pacific Cities Summit

The Asia Pacific Cities Summit is a leading international forum for business and civic leaders, initiated by Brisbane City Council.

International Business Program

Investigate overseas business opportunities, develop inter-city relationships and expand into the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

International Civic Program

Staff exchanges and placements and honorary ambassadors identify business opportunities and potential investments.

Visiting international delegations

Brisbane regularly receives visiting international delegations of practitioners and government officials from around the world. This work provides opportunities for businesses and urban practitioners to access high level visitors through presentations, roundtable discussions, networking events and individual meetings.

International visitors who would like to meet with officials from Brisbane City Council should contact the International Relations and Multicultural Affairs Unit.

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If you would like to contact Brisbane City Council's International Relations and Multicultural Affairs Unit, you can:

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22 November 2016