International Business

Brisbane City Council is committed to advancing Brisbane’s place in Asia and the world and promoting Brisbane as Australia's New World City. Council’s international business programs aim to improve the economic benefits and opportunities for Brisbane-based businesses by:

  • building sister city relationships throughout the Asia Pacific and Middle East
  • networking to build and strengthen trade connections with international markets
  • attracting foreign investment
  • co-ordinating inbound international delegation and business missions to overseas markets.

Council's International Relations and Multicultural Affairs team facilitate and manage these programs and act as a referral service for businesses wanting to connect with Asia and the word. Find out more about how this team can help you and your business and how you can contact them.


Sister Cities Program

Brisbane City Council works closely with local and international agencies and organisations to leverage our sister city relationships to achieve the best possible business outcomes. By working strategically with all levels of government, business and other peak industry bodies, we develop real economic outcomes for Brisbane residents and businesses.

Asia Pacific Cities Summit & Mayors' Forum

The Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) & Mayors' Forum is a leading international forum for business and civic leaders, initiated by Brisbane City Council. APCS is a dynamic and interactive platform for participants to exchange knowledge and identify where potential civic, cultural and business opportunities exist and how to pursue them.

Bring your delegation to Brisbane

Brisbane regularly welcomes visiting international delegations of practitioners and government officials from around the world. This work provides opportunities for businesses and urban practitioners to access high level visitors through presentations, roundtable discussions, networking events and individual meetings.

International visitors who would like to meet with officials from Brisbane City Council should contact the International Relations and Multicultural Affairs Unit.

Contact us

Contact the International Relations and Multicultural Affairs Unit by:

  • email to
  • phone council on 07 3403 8888 and ask for the International Relations and Multicultural Affairs Unit
  • sending a letter to:
    International Relations and Multicultural Affairs Unit
    GPO Box 2287
    Brisbane Qld 4001
09 December 2016