Lord Mayor's Multicultural Awards for Business

The Lord Mayor's Multicultural Awards for Business celebrate the contribution multicultural businesses make to the Brisbane economy and community through their creativity, innovation and resilience.

Nominations are now closed. Award winners will be recognised at the 2016 Lord Mayor’s Multicultural Business Dinner on Friday 29 July 2016 at City Hall.

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Award categories

Online nominations for the following three award categories are now closed.

Multicultural Business Person of the Year

This award recognises a multicultural Brisbane business leader who successfully exports their products and services from Brisbane, throughout Australia, and/or across Asia Pacific or internationally. The award celebrates the recipient's contribution to the Brisbane economy and recognises them as a local champion of enterprise with a global outlook for their business.

Nick Xynias Multicultural Young Business Person of the Year

This award recognises the success, creativity and energy of a multicultural young business leader under the age of 35, celebrating both their contribution to their community and that of Brisbane's continued economic prosperity.

Multicultural Entrepreneur of the Year

This award recognises a multicultural Brisbane business leader that demonstrates through their business success, entrepreneurial flair, embedding a culture of innovation as a central pillar to their growth strategy. The recipient will personify the best in entrepreneurialism, possessing qualities from clear leadership and sound management to determination and ambition.

Benefits of entering

As the winner of a Lord Mayor's Multicultural Award for Business, you and your business will receive a number of benefits including:

  • award presented by the Lord Mayor and recognition of your achievements in front of an audience of business and multicultural leaders;
  • access to further business opportunities and networks, including the Lord Mayor's Multicultural Round Table;
  • opportunities to profile your business and network with the attendees at the Lord Mayor's Multicultural Awards for Business;
  • opportunity to be mentored;
  • invitations to select business events hosted by the Lord Mayor throughout the year of your award; and
  • feature in promotional communication announcing the successful winners.

Eligibility requirements

To be considered for an award in any category, nominees must:

  • be from a multicultural or culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) background with at least one natural parent born in a country other than Australia
  • have Australian citizenship or hold permanent residency
  • operate a business within the Brisbane City Council local government area
  • personally reside in the Brisbane City Council local government area
  • ensure the business has a registered Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • be of senior management and/or a Company Director in the company and be primarily responsible for the company's recent performance
  • show the business is profitable or provide a Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement for the past two financial years, certified by a Certified Practicing Accountant or Chartered Accountant if shortlisted
  • submit accurate and factual information and be of good name and character and have not engaged directly or indirectly in any conduct which, in the opinion of the panel, might discredit the awards
  • comply with all federal, state and local government legislation and regulations and all relevant industry codes of practice
  • not have any outstanding fines, Prescribed Infringement Notices (PINs) or other penalties arising from a breach of any local, State or Commonwealth laws or pending investigations.

In addition to the above general eligibility conditions, the Nick Xynias Young Multicultural Business Person of the Year Award nominees must be aged 35 years or younger as at Friday 29 July 2016.

Failure to meet these eligibility requirements will immediately disqualify your application from being accepted.

Terms and conditions

Nominees will be required to provide following if shortlisted:

  1. Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement for the past two financial years certified by a Certified Practicing Accountant or Chartered Accountant.
  2. A high resolution profile photos (head and shoulders shot) of the nominee (JPEG format at least 2 megabytes in size)
  3. The business’ logo (in high resolution format)

Nominees must abide by the following terms and conditions:

  1. Past nominees and finalists may re-enter the Awards but previous winners are ineligible to apply.  
  2. By entering the Awards all nominees agree to have their entry/ies reconsidered by the selection panel in the following year. Resubmitted nominees shall be notified in the following year when nominations open.
  3. Sponsors of the Lord Mayor’s Multicultural Awards for Business cannot lodge an application for the awards.
  4. The selection panel reserves the right to accept or refuse late entries and items delivered late, at its discretion and without notice to other nominees.
  5. The selection panel may withdraw an application or suspend an application at its sole discretion.
  6. The information provided by nominees will only be used by members of the selection panel for award selection and for multicultural business promotion purposes (subject to the agreement of the nominee).
  7. If a nominee is nominated for one category but is more suited to another category, the judges will use their discretion to place that nominee in the appropriate category.
  8. All nominees must inform the International Relations and Multicultural Affairs Unit in writing (email) if eligibility status (ability to meet the eligibility criteria) changes during the selection panel process.
  9. Information provided in your application, including but not limited to photographs or digital recordings of the nominee at the Awards and interviews in relation to and arising from the Awards, may be used for media, marketing and promotional material (excluding financial data, which will remain confidential).  Such information may be shared within Brisbane City Council and Brisbane Marketing Pty Ltd ABN 86 094 633 262 and the nominee consents and agrees to Brisbane Marketing using the information obtained in relation and in connection with this Application and the Awards for its own marketing and promotional purposes (excluding financial data, which will remain confidential).
  10. Information arising from and in connection with the online nomination form may involve the transfer and storage of personal information to a country outside of Australia and you consent to this transfer, storage and use of personal information outside of Australia.
  11. The decision of the selection panel is final and cannot be challenged.

Past winners

You can view the Previous Lord Mayor's Multicultural Awards for Business winners.

More information

If you'd like more information on the awards, contact the International Relations and Multicultural Affairs Unit on 07 3403 8888 or via email.

16 June 2016