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Discover why so many forward-thinking companies choose Brisbane for investment and how Brisbane sits in world and Australia rankings. Explore opportunities in the Inner City and local business areas.

Find out the population growth, development activity, infrastructure projects and talented people driving opportunity in Brisbane. 

Explore the opportunities on offer in Brisbane's inner-city suburbs including local trends, precincts, development and infrastructure.

Eight Brisbane precincts have been identified for their scalable industrial activity, world-class business environments and global research.

Explore local business areas that have worked collaboratively with Council and offer great opportunities for investment.

As one of the most liveable and competitive cities in the world, find out how Brisbane compares in world rankings and reports.

Easily find and analyse data with Community Profiles using the latest demographic, social and economic data. 

Council compiles key statistics and research on Brisbane's economic performance. Vew this quarter's information.

Talk with Council's economic development board, Brisbane Marketing, to discover how Brisbane can work for your business.

08 November 2018