Starting a business

If you are starting a new business, access resources to get you underway, information to help choose your location and find out the licencing and permits required.  Also find out specifics for common new businesses such as home business and food business.  

Home business

If you are planning to operate a business from home you will need to consider whether it needs planning approval, a food licence and what signs are permitted.

Starting a new food business

A home based business or market stall are popular ways to start a new food business. There are also other options including opening a cafe, restaurant, driving a mobile food vehicle or catering.

Laws and permits for businesses

You may need planning and building approval to start or expand your business. Licences and permits are also required for particular business types.

Business projects

To ensure that businesses are set up in the right area, Brisbane City Council has developed a set of facts and information pages to help you set up your business in Brisbane.

Online resources for business

Find information to help with information about your business or industry, including links to government websites, government-funded initiatives and other online resources.