Committees, meetings and minutes

Brisbane City Council holds different types of meetings including ordinary, special, budget and Standing Committee meetings. Ordinary and Standing Committee meetings are held weekly. Minutes for these meetings are recorded and are available for public viewing. Ordinary meeting minutes are available online or in Brisbane Square Library. Standing Committee meeting minutes are available on request. Establishment and Coordination Committee meeting minutes are not publicly available as they are cabinet-in-confidence.

You can attend Council's ordinary meetings and most Standard Committee meetings.

Council committees

Information on Brisbane City Council's eight Standing Committees, including committee members and committee aims. The public is welcome to attend most committee meetings.

Meeting dates and locations

Details of dates and locations of Council meetings. These include information on the Standing Committee meetings, budget meetings, ordinary meetings and recess periods.

Council's meeting minutes

Download Brisbane City Council meeting minutes or contact Brisbane Square Library to listen to audio tapes of meetings.

Types of Council meetings

Council has different types of meetings. These include ordinary, special, budget and Standing Committee meetings.

Attending Council meetings

The public can attend all Council ordinary meetings and most Standing Committee meetings. Information on getting permission to speak at ordinary meetings and the rules and procedures to follow.

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04 November 2014