Field Services Committee

Committee membership

Chairman: Councillor Peter Matic
Deputy Chairman: Councillor Kim Marx
Members: Councillor Ian McKenzie
  Councillor Steven Toomey
  Councillor Charles Strunk
  Councillor Nicole Johnston

The responsibilities of the Field Services Committee will be to:

  • work across Committee portfolios to:
    • ensure citywide removal of graffiti
    • maintain and manage parks and green spaces including grass cutting, trees on Council land, street and park furniture, park signs, and playgrounds
    • manage road and footpath maintenance including signs, lines, pot hole repairs and weed control
    • manage urban cleansing activities including city malls cleansing, litter control, street sweeping, and gum removal
    • ensure the conduct of mosquito, vegetation and pest control
    • ensure that Brisbane is a leading city in waste management and resource recovery
    • ensure coordination with the State Emergency Services during localised incident and disaster response activities
    • enhance and maximise the operation of fleet services.
29 April 2016