Public and Active Transport Committee | Brisbane City Council

Public and Active Transport Committee

Committee membership

Chairman: Councillor Adrian Schrinner
Deputy Chairman: Councillor Fiona Hammond

Councillor Ian McKenzie

Councillor Kate Richards

Councillor Jared Cassidy

Councillor Kara Cook


The responsibilities of the Public and Active Transport Committee will be to:

  • Plan for integrated public and active transport services across Brisbane and:
    • ensure the effective and efficient operation of Brisbane's public transport business
    • collaborate with state authorities to deliver integrated transport plans and services for Brisbane
    • ensure Brisbane is a leading city in the use of green and active transport
    • oversee the implementation of Brisbane City Council's transport plans
    • ensure that the travelling public is satisfied with Brisbane's bus and ferry services
    • plan for the necessary growth in Brisbane's public transport services to meet population growth and public expectations.
20 February 2019