Council travel expenses 2005 | Brisbane City Council

Council travel expenses 2005

Brisbane City Council's representatives' travel expenses for 2005.

Representative and travel date Occasion and travel details Expenses

Michael Byrne

Manager, Strategic Procurement

18 - 21 November 2005


Internal Audit and Risk Management Conference

Total cost: $5,244

Airfares: $4,791
Personal allowance: $200
Taxi fares: $100
Other expenses: $153

Ian Hunter

City Policy and Strategy Division

13 - 16 November 2005

New Zealand

Recreation Association Conference 2005

Key speaker on Council projects; Active and Healthy Parks and the Rocks Riverside Park

Total cost: $350

Personal allowance: $200
Taxi fares: $150

Michael Bobrowicz

City Business

4 - 13 November 2005

Buenos Aires, Argentina

International Solid Waste Association, World Congress and Exhibition

Total cost: $10,942.48

Airfares: $6,315.11
Meals: $385.65
Conference fees: $1,466.67
Incidentals: $453.65

Campbell Newman

Jude Munro

Ben Myers
27 - 31 October 2005

Judy Liu  
23 - 31 October 2005


“Healthy Cities Conference” and visit our Sister City, Kaohsiung. 

An invitation was sent by the Mayor of Taipei to attend the "Second Annual Taipei International Healthy Cities Conference".

The Delegation also visited Kaohsiung, Brisbane’s sister city in Taiwan and took the opportunity to meet with the new Mayor of Kaohsiung.

Campbell Newman, Jude Munro
International airfares: Paid for by Kaohsiung City Government
Domestic airfares: $377
Personal allowance: $200
Accommodation: Paid for by Taipei City Government

Ben Myers
International airfares: $2,980
Domestic airfares: $377
Personal allowance: $200
Accommodation: Paid for by Taipei City Government

Judy Liu
International airfares: $2,980
Domestic airfares: $233
Personal allowance: $400
Accommodation: $339

Fiona Chandler

City Policy and Strategy Division

16 October - 2 November 2005

North America

Sustainable Urban Water Management International Study tour

Total cost: $3985.56

Airfares: $428.02
Accommodation: $2,600
Meals: $211.74
Personal allowance: $650
Taxi fares: $95.80

Campbell Newman

Cr Kevin Bianchi

Cr Jane Prentice

Cr David Hinchliffe

Cr Carol Cashman

Gregory Bowden

Julie Harris

Terence Hogan

Gordon Scott

Lara Thompson

Richard Ang

John Cowie

Martin Reason

Judy Liu 

10 - 18 October 2005


2005 Asia Pacific Cities Summit and The Greater Brisbane China Business Development Program and Mayoral Mission.

After Chongqing, the mission travelled to Shenzhen, Brisbane’s Sister City, for 2 days of government receptions and business matching activities. The final stop on the 3 city mission was Shanghai where further market education sessions and business matching meetings were conducted. 

The Summit and mission achieved extensive media coverage in Australia and China. Brisbane’s profile in Chongqing and Shenzhen in particular, was greatly enhanced by the mission. A survey was conducted after the mission, which reported an extremely high level of satisfaction from mission participants. Brisbane City officials were able to provide high profile support to business meetings. Several of the travelling officials also fulfilled important roles in managing the large delegation.


Campbell Newman
Flights and accommodation: $5,835.52
Personal allowance: $450

Greg Bowden
Flights and accommodation: $7,327.60
Personal allowance: $450

Gordon Scott
Flights and accommodation: $2,138.30
Personal allowance: $450

Judy Liu
Flights and accommodation: $8,299.30
Personal allowance: $500

Lara Thompson
Flights and accommodation: $9,242
Personal allowance: $1,100

Richard Ang
Flights and accommodation: $6,502.60
Personal allowance: $450

John Cowie & Martin Reason
Flights and accommodation: $4,842.60
Personal allowance: $0.00

Kevin Bianchi
Flights and accommodation: $7,287
Personal allowance: $450

Carol Cashman
Flights and accommodation: $6,548
Personal allowance: $450

David Hinchliffe
Flights and accommodation: $7,287
Personal allowance: $450

Terry Hogan
Flights and accommodation: $5,402.90
Personal allowance: $450

Julie Harris
Flights and accommodation: $2,971
Personal allowance: $450

Mark Rigby

City Business

11-15 August 2005

Auckland, New Zealand

Australasian Planetarium Society meeting.

Total cost: $1,844.20

Airfares: $707.38
Accommodation: $613.81
Meals: $45.45
Council advance: $22.73
Personal allowance: $250
Taxi fares: $204.83 

Judy Liu 

7 - 11 July 2005


Attend the celebrations organised by the Kaohsiung Police Bureau to commemorate the establishment of the Kaohsiung Mounted Police Unit.  Kaohsiung City Government’s Police Bureau had formed a Mounted Police Unit in July 2005, and a formal invitation was issued to Brisbane, as sister city to take part in the official ceremony and activities (such as parade and performances) associated with it.

Airfares: Paid for by Kaohsiung City Government
Accommodation: Paid for by Kaohsiung City Government

Personal allowance: $200

Lara Thompson 

17 June - 2 July



Pre-planning of the 2005 Asia Pacific Cities Summit and The Greater Brisbane China Business Development Program and Mayoral Mission.

The purpose of this travel was to conduct extensive planning for Brisbane’s presence at the 2005 Asia Pacific Cities Summit in Chongqing, China, and the Greater Brisbane China Mayoral Mission.

Airfares: $4,835.00
Advance: $750
(Meals, hospitality and taxis)
Accommodation: $1,759.96

Barry Dennien

Brisbane Water

28 May -13 June 2005

Singapore, Florida, Mexico, California

Recycled Water Study Tour 2005.

Brisbane has been recognised as a national leader in industrial recycling and planning for smaller integrated urban recycling schemes.  Tour fees included airfare, meals and accommodation.

Total cost:   $13,471.74

Conference fees: $11,722
Personal allowance: $850
Council advance: $799.74
Taxis: $100

Cr David Hinchliffe

11 - 17 May 2005

Kobe, Japan

Brisbane-Kobe Sister City 20th Anniversary Celebrations.

Mayor of Kobe, Mr Tatsuo Yada issued an official invitation to the Lord Mayor to lead a delegation to Kobe in May 2005 to participate in 20th Anniversary celebrations.

The Lord Mayor was unable to attend and the Deputy Mayor travelled in his stead.

The visit has been scheduled to coincide with the City’s annual ‘Kobe Festival’ and its highlight, the ‘Festival Parade’ through the main street of Kobe City.

As part of the 20th Anniversary celebrations, Kobe City Hall hosted an exhibition on Brisbane including artwork from Brisbane primary school students depicting their impressions of Kobe and Japan.

Airfares: $7,871
Personal allowance: $350
Accommodation: $250.80

Andy Krumins

Brisbane Water

22 April 2005

Munich, Germany

14th International Trade Fair for Waste Disposal and the Environment.

Attend 14th International Trade Fair for waste Disposal and the Environment Water, Sewage, Refuse and recycling conference.  WSAA have provided funding for airfares, accommodation, and conference fees.

Total cost: $613.30

Personal allowance: $400
Medical: $213.30

Michael Papageorgiou

Urban Management

2 - 10 April 2005


Undertake an architecture and city planning study.

Total cost: $5,029.60

Airfares: $3,289.60
Accommodation: $1,140
Advance: $200
Personal allowance: $400

Stuart Hoverman

City Policy and Strategy Division

March 2005

Hawaii, USA

Development of Best Practise Guidelines Workshop at a joint American Water Works Association (AWWA) -  Australian Water Association (AWA) Summit Meeting.

Total cost: $758.91

Accommodation: $512.91
Conference fees: $246

Cr Kevin Bianchi

27 - 30 March 2005

Kobe, Japan

Kobe Reconstruction Gathering. Brisbane was invited by the Governor of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan to participate in the International Gathering for Reconstruction Support Appreciation in 2005 to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake that occurred in Kobe City, Hyogo Pref. on 17 January 1995.

Airfares:  $4,916.13
Personal allowance: $200
Accommodation: Paid for by Hyogo Prefecture

Wakib Khan

David Solley

Peter Tranter

Brisbane Water

8 - 19 March 2005

Oslo, Norway

HAZOP, Risk Assessment and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Analysis workshops in CAMBI AS head office, Oslo, Norway. 

Visit was part of the design review for the Oxley Creek project.

Wakib Khan

Airfare: $7,210.73
Accommodation: $1,308.41
Meals: $359.12
Personal allowance: $600
Transport: $186.07
Medical: $290.88

David Solley

Airfare: $7,210.73
Accommodation: $1,308.41
Meals: $202.47
Personal allowance: $600
Transport: $168.10
Medical: $167.12

Peter Tranter

Airfare: $7,210.73
Accommodation: $1,035.21
Meals: $397.76
Personal allowance: $600
Transport: $70.13
Medical: $267.42

Robin Lewis

Grahame Simpson

Brisbane Water

22 February -
2 March 2005


Membrane and Desalination Specialty Conference.

Followed up by visit to the NEWater Recycled Water Plant in Singapore as part of the Australian Water Association Techno Tour Conference.

Robin Lewis

Airfare: $2,091
Accommodation: $720
Conference fees: $759
Meals: $78.37
Personal allowance: $350
Taxi fares: $186.07

Grahame Simpson

Airfare: $2,091
Accommodation: $720
Meals: $128.60
Conference fees: $759
Personal allowance: $350
Taxi fares: $70.13
Phone: $19.10
Medical: $183.70

Neil Abel

Corporate Services Division

20 - 26 February 2005

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Conference, and  Institution of Engineers Public Private Partnership Conference and meeting at the Hong Kong University on electronic tendering systems for construction projects.

Benefits to Council included raising the profile of Council in the area of electronic tendering, publication of the paper in the conference proceedings, also a Hong Kong delegation subsequently visited Brisbane to view the system. The delegation was introduced to Australian software developers.

All travel and accommodation costs other than travel insurance costs, which was met under Council travel scheme, were met by Neil Abel. 

Ken Deutscher

Urban Management

10 February - 5 April 2005


Staff Exchange with Greater Manchester Public Transport

Total Cost: $19,610

Airfares: $6,980
Personal allowance: $2,750
Taxi fares: $200

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