Councillors' Register of Interests

All Brisbane City Councillors elected to office must complete a Register of Interests of financial and non-financial particulars.

Note: Where a section of a Councillor’s Register of Interest form has been blacked-out, this indicates that the information provided by the Councillor is not required to be made public under the current legislation.

Form 1 - Councillor Statement of Interests - Local Government Act 1993.

Form 3 - Notice of Correct Particulars For a Statement of Interests of a Councillor or a Councillor's Related Person - City of Brisbane Act 2010 - Amendment to Regulation.

Form 4 - Councillor statement of interests - City of Brisbane Act 2010.

Form 6 - Notice of correct particulars for a statement of interests of a councillor or councillor's related persons - City of Brisbane Act 2010.

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Councillor Register of Interest documents (in order of date received)

Cr Krista Adams

Cr Adam Allan

Cr Matthew Bourke

 Cr Jared Cassidy

Cr Kara Cook

Cr Amanda Cooper

Cr Peter Cumming


Cr Steve Griffiths


Cr Steven Huang


Cr Vicki Howard

Cr Nicole Johnston


Cr Fiona King


Cr Ian McKenzie


Cr David McLachlan


Cr Kim Marx


Cr Peter Matic


Cr Ryan Murphy


Cr Angela Owen (Formerly Cr Angela Owen-Taylor)


Cr Graham Quirk


Cr Kate Richards

Cr Adrian Schrinner


Cr Julian Simmonds


Cr Jonathan Sri
Cr Charles Strunk
Cr Steve Toomey

Cr Andrew Wines


Cr Norm Wyndham





26 April 2018