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Lord Mayor Graham Quirk

Lord Mayor Graham QuirkLord Mayor Graham Quirk is Chair of Council’s Civic Cabinet and an ex officio member of all Council Committees.

Cr Quirk is dedicated to making Brisbane a smart-thinking, easy-living, world-class city.

His top priorities as Lord Mayor include tackling traffic congestion, improving public transport, enhancing our environment and continuing with the city’s flood recovery process.

Cr Quirk was elected by Council on 7 April 2011 following the resignation of Campbell Newman.

Brisbane City Council is the largest local council in Australia. It covers 1,338.1 square kilometres, spanning the Brisbane River in a radius of up to 25 kilometres from the Central Business District.

Political background

Cr Quirk entered Brisbane City Council when elected as Councillor for Rochedale Ward in 1985 at the age of 27.

After three years he was appointed as Finance Chairman under Lord Mayor Sallyanne Atkinson and was later appointed Works Chairman. He then served as Opposition Spokesman on Development and Planning, Opposition Spokesman on Finance and Opposition Spokesman on Transport and Traffic.

Graham has served as Deputy Opposition Leader and was Opposition Leader at the time of Campbell Newman's election as Lord Mayor in 2004.

He was elected as Deputy Liberal Leader to Campbell Newman and was appointed to the role of Chairman of Transport and Major Projects.

Following the 2008 election, Graham took on the important roles of Deputy Mayor and the Chairman of the Infrastructure Committee.

Outside of politics

Graham is married with three daughters.

He is a member of Lions International and is a student of thoroughbred horse breeding. Graham is patron of several organisations and has a long-standing commitment to coordinating local door-knock appeals for organisations such as the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal, Blue Care and the Cancer Fund.

Official title

The formal title for the Lord Mayor is:

The Right Honourable, the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Councillor Graham Quirk

His preferred title is:

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor

If you are writing to the Lord Mayor, the correct salutation is:

My dear Lord Mayor

Contact the Lord Mayor

Office of the Lord Mayor
GPO Box 2287
Brisbane Qld 4001
Phone: 07 3403 4400
Fax:     07 3403 9930
23 October 2018