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Better Brisbane Proposals - a Smart, Connected Brisbane initiative

Open innovation is our New World City's approach to empowering residents, businesses, academia and entrepreneurs to contribute and collaborate with Brisbane City Council.

Unlike traditional procurement processes the Better Brisbane Proposals enables the best solutions to be co-created, with an agile, fast-to-market approach, delivering value for money.

As innovators can often provide out-of-the-box solutions, open innovation channels foster their skills and attract other like-minded talented innovators to Brisbane, driving significant economic growth while enabling improvements and value for money for Council.

Cities around the world have been grappling with how to implement open innovation processes, but are substantively constrained by traditional procurement and risk management processes. Brisbane is currently leading the way with its Innovative Proposals Policy and Brisbane Innovate challenges and annual events.

Since inception in mid-2015, Council has received 142 innovative proposals, implemented three, and has 12 in the proof of concept trial stage.

Momentum is building with three times the number of new proposals submitted in the past financial year, compared to the first year of the program.

The first Brisbane Innovate event generated 48 new innovative proposals for Council to consider and will be held annually to bring together individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs, students, academics and Council officers to discuss challenges relating to the Brisbane Vision 2031.

With continued efforts, awareness, industry and community involvement, Brisbane can fundamentally change how it delivers city infrastructure and services while driving substantial economic development outcomes.


08 November 2018