Queenie – Brisbane’s very own virtual assistant

CitySmart and Brisbane Marketing partnered with property group ISPT and the Ideas Challenge at The Capital in early 2017, searching for innovative ideas that would see more people visiting often, staying longer, spending more and generally having a better experience in Brisbane.

CitySmart Foundation partner VAE Group won the opportunity to develop their concept ‘Queenie: Your Go-To-Guide’.

Queenie is a chatbot based in Facebook Messenger and can tell you:

  • what events are happening in the city, today and all week
  • what shops, cafes, restaurants and bars are open right now
  • where the retail offers and discounts are, in real-time
  • where the best parking offers are in the city, in real-time
  • the latest traffic/congestion updates and the latest weather
  • where to find the nearest loo!

The bot uses the already-existing platform of hugely popular Facebook Messenger. This allows for more rapid and cost-effective development compared to building a standalone app, and it makes updating and refining the bot quicker and easier.

Queenie is an example of how we can make it easier for people in Brisbane city to move about efficiently and find what they need. Smart sustainable cities isn’t a slogan, it’s about action. CitySmart will also be working to incorporate environmentally-conscious features for phase two of implementation.

The developers are currently seeking feedback on Queenie during its trial stage: what works, what doesn’t, and how it might be improved. Simply use the “Feedback” button with the chatbot to have your say!

ISPT’s key partners in the initiative are Brisbane Marketing, CitySmart, Little Tokyo Two and tech startup incubator Fishburners. To find out more about Queenie, visit the CitySmart website

10 May 2018