Meet our employees

Brisbane City Council has such a large variety of jobs and careers that it's hard to choose which on might suit you best. Meet some Council employees and find out what their jobs are really like.


Bus driver - Peter

'I started working for Council as a trainee bus operator in January 2006. I’d been working in sales in the motor industry for 20 years and was looking for a sea change. I saw an ad in the paper in a coffee shop one day and rang for an application kit.

The best thing about working for Council for me is the degree of autonomy it allows. Council’s requirements and expectations for being a bus operator are clear - you need to love driving and be tolerant of people. I also appreciate the scope for advancement, if you choose to pursue that.'


Technical Officer - Adrian

‘I came to Council with the help of a wonderful lady from Vision Queensland Employment Services. With her help I am now 10 years into a career with an organisation that, by my reckoning, sees people first and their disability second.

With the support of amazing colleagues I have been able to gain back what 12 years of rejection had eroded away -- my self-belief and confidence.

I am a specialist working in the area of business improvement within Council's award-winning Customer Contact Centre. I spend most of my days crafting new customer focused solutions as well as maintaining existing systems that aid the smooth running of the centre. I have also been actively involved with Council's Disability Reference Group which strives to improve the working lives of all people with a disability employed by Council.

My passion is IT accessibility and I'm pleased with the changes the group has been able to influence in this area.’


Senior Urban Planner - Beth

‘I’ve been practising as an urban planner for 13 years and have had experience in both plan making and development assessment.

In 2001 I left a large private planning firm to join Brisbane City Council’s strategic planning team. Since then, I’ve worked across many areas within Council including Strategic City Planning, Development Assessment and Urban Renewal.

I’m now working in the Flooding and Planning Team helping to ensure Council’s WaterSmart objectives are realised. These objectives include the sustainable use and re-use of water, planning for flood resilience and providing opportunities for people to connect with water through their local waterways and keeping these corridors healthy.

As a planner, there is a lot of job satisfaction in seeing your influence over projects. A job at Council allows you to see things done and projects from inception to finish. I know my role is helping to shape Brisbane as a New World City.


Senior Urban Planner - Timna

‘I started my planning career in Council working in a customer service role on a planning counter. Here, I decided to study planning part-time and have now worked as a qualified urban planner for Council for the last 15 years.
I started out in development assessment and then had the opportunity to move to the policy area (City Planning) in 2006 to work on the first round of Neighbourhood Plans as part of the Neighbourhood Planning team. We got to work on the ground talking to the community about development issues and hear how they envisage their area growing into the future. 
Since late 2008 I have been working in Strategic Planning. The Brisbane City Plan 2014 project has been the largest statutory planning project I have worked on. We got to deliver the entire planning scheme for the City for the next decade, in a user-friendly, interactive online platform. For a city the size of Brisbane this was simply an incredible experience – a once in a career type of opportunity. 
Council offers a wide range of different roles, across different professions and fields of interest and offers opportunities for career development and study. You can start as a typist, study part-time, and end up as an Urban Planner!’