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  1. Council's Flood Action Plan

    Read about how Council is implementing lessons learned from the Brisbane January 2011 flood, including Council's Flood Action Plan, the Flood Response Review Board ...

  2. Flooding in Brisbane

    Flooding in Brisbane. ... Flood maps creek flooding Flood guides Flooding preparation FloodWise. ... Find out how you can protect your house and family from flooding, ...

  3. Flooding in Brisbane - a guide for businesses | Brisbane ...

    Read the online version of the Flooding in Brisbane - a guide for business. You can also watch Council's Be prepared video.

  4. FloodWise Property Reports

    FloodWise Property Reports show the risk and type of flooding at a specific property, to enable you to plan and build new habitable floor levels in accordance with ...

  5. Disasters and emergencies

    Brisbane City Council plays a major role in managing the impacts of disasters within its ... Get information on flooding, king tides, ... preparation, response and ...

  6. Prepare for storm season

    Prepare for storm season. ... Understand your property's risk of flooding. Have an emergency contact phone list - include 000 (triple zero) and SES (13 25 00)

  7. Types of flooding

    Find out what types of flooding may affect your property, including creek, river and tidal, and how you can be better prepared. Skip to content. Language support ...

  8. Flooding in Brisbane - a guide for residents | Brisbane ...

    Read the online verison of Council's Flooding in Brisbane - Guide to Building and Renovating.

  9. Be prepared business

    Be prepared business . Click on info bubble to find out more information. Identify the local severe weather risks to your business (e.g. flooding, severe ...

  10. Herston recent creek flood information

    The primary source of flooding in this area of Herston is from Breakfast Creek. Find latest river heights for this location.

  11. Flooding and stormwater impacts

    A guide to help address flooding and overland stormwater flow impacts of development.

  12. Sandbag availability in Brisbane

    Brisbane City Council wishes to advise ... in preparation for expected ... Residents in areas prone to localised flooding due to heavy rain are advised to ...

  13. Preparing your pet for a new baby

    The Dog, Baby and You sessions help educate and inform expectant parents on what they can do before and after the baby arrives to avoid dog bites.

  14. Hemmant recent creek flood information

    View near real-time creek flooding information for Hemmant, including the latest river heights for Bulimba Creek, Doughboy Parade, Hemmant.