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  1. Dog registration

    Find information about how to register your dog in Brisbane, renew the licence, registration requirements and applicable fees.

  2. Cats and dogs

    Find out about the regulations for dog owners, including registration and renewals, permits, barking dogs, dangerous dogs, breaches, fines and other requirements for ...

  3. Animal registration refund request

    Any application for a refund must be received within 12 months for the original renewal date or new registration date.RefundsRefunds will only be given if a ...

  4. Report it: Change your address

    Report it: Change your address ; Report it: Change your address . Save draft; ... Dog Registration. You will need a copy of your most recent dog registration account, ...

  5. Cat and dog permits

    Cat and dog permits. Brisbane City Council regulates the keeping of cats and dogs under the Animals Local Law 2003 ... Registration for dogs

  6. Animals and pets

    Brisbane City Council has laws in place to keep and breed most types of domestic animals, and to operate pet shops. These laws include dog registration, microchipping ...

  7. Approved pet shops

    Anyone selling cats or dogs as pets in Brisbane must hold a permit. ... Once the application is processed, an animal registration tag will be mailed to you. ...

  8. Pensioner concessions and remissions

    You may be entitled to a remission on your Brisbane City Council rate account. Council also offers concessions for cat and dog registration. Rates - pensioner remissions

  9. Requirements for cat and dog owners

    Requirements for cat and dog owners. ... Dog registration. Queensland Government legislation requires dogs to: be registered by the time they are 12 weeks old;

  10. Contact Council

    Contact Council You can contact ... Dog registration; Library catalogue; Early warning alert service; ... dangerous dogs, lost property and public safety concerns.

  11. Keeping a cat

    Read about cat registration, your responsibilities as a cat owner in Brisbane and cat care tips.

  12. Change of postal address

    Use eMove to change your address details for Council services including libraries, dog registration and rates.

  13. Breaches and fines

    Requirements. Fines for breaching requirements. Register your dog with Brisbane City Council when it is three months old and every year after: 2 penalty units

  14. Popular forms

    A comprehensive list of Council's most popular forms. Brisbane City Council's most popular forms are available to download in PDF ... Dog registration application ...

  15. Keeping a dog

    Keeping a dog; Keeping a dog. ... Your responsibilities as a dog owner are to: register your dog before they reach three months of age and every year after that;

  16. Lost and found animals

    Brisbane City Council maintains a register for lost and found animals in Brisbane. ... If an animal other than a dog or cat is impounded, ...

  17. Pets

    Information on keeping an animal, animal laws and permits, reporting a lost or found pet and Brisbane City Council animal shelters. Read also about adopting a pet ...