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  1. Food business licences

    Learn how your business can maintain or improve its food safety standards.

  2. Starting a new food business

    A home based business or market stall are popular ways to start a new food business. There are also other options including opening a cafe,

  3. Food business process map

    Brisbane City Council has created a food business process roadmap (PDF - 61kb) for fixed and mobile food businesses. Follow Steps 1-19 to understand the 2 stage ...

  4. Taking over an existing food business

    If you are buying a food business that is already operating, you will need to apply for a food business licence from Council.

  5. Preparing a food business application

    If you are preparing an application for a food business in a fixed location such as a cafe, restaurant, takeaway, home business, factory or similar, the following ...

  6. Mobile food vehicle

    Mobile food vehicles are a great way to take your food business on the road and be where the customers are. It must be a registered vehicle and not a converted push ...

  7. Brisbane Food Trucks initiative

    Gourmet food trucks are a growing small business sector in Brisbane, with the local food truck scene rapidly expanding and gathering a strong following.

  8. Common food business application problems | Brisbane City ...

    An application for design assessment or a food business licence may be refused if information required as part of the application is insufficient or does not meet ...

  9. Laws and permits for businesses

    Links to information about business laws and permits that may be required for activities such as film production, food business, roadside vending and some home-based ...

  10. Cafe, restaurant or takeaway

    If you are opening a cafe, restaurant, takeaway or similar food business in a fixed location, you may require a licence. When you need a licence

  11. Food Safety Program

    Certain food businesses are required to have a Food Safety Program (FSP). all food businesses have the opportunity to have a FSP accredited. Council is responsible ...

  12. Doing Business in Brisbane

    Starting a new food business or taking over an existing food business? You may need a food business licence.

  13. Renewals and licence withdrawals

    A food business licece is valid for 12 months from the date of issue and renewal invoices are issued at least 60 days before the due date.

  14. Pre-sale Inspection Report

    If you are buing an existing food business, you may wish to apply for a pre-sale inspection report to check the current level of compliance.

  15. Government organisations

    Queensland Government facilities operating as a food business are required to comply with administrative arrangements equivalent to the provisions of the Food Act ...

  16. Operating a home business

    Operating a home business. ... Running a food business from home; Home business signs; Online resources for starting, growing and running your home business.