Brisbane Metro Cultural Centre underground station fly-through - supporting information

The animated fly-through video shows the concept design for the new Brisbane Metro underground Cultural Centre station, located at the corner of Melbourne Street and Grey Street in South Brisbane. The fly –through was released in May 2018.

Supporting information

The fly-through begins with an aerial view of the Cultural Centre and Victoria Bridge at South Brisbane, with the CBD in the background. The aerial view shows a new ‘scramble’ (all-movements) pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Melbourne and Grey Streets, an entry to the station on Grey Street, and metro vehicles travelling across Victoria Bridge.

The fly-through then shows a metro vehicle travelling from Victoria Bridge past the Queensland Performing Arts Centre into the underground station via a portal and transition structure. Another metro vehicle and a bus are travelling out of the station towards the CBD. Passengers can be seen on the metro vehicles and buses.

The fly-through then shows metro vehicles and buses waiting at the inbound and outbound platforms of the underground station. The fly through then shows the interior of the outbound station platform. The fly-through shows platform screen doors, seating, passenger information displays, and signage. Passengers can be seen waiting to board the metro vehicle.

The fly-through then shows escalators, stairs and a lift to connect passengers to the surface level of the station. At the surface level, the fly-through shows passengers entering and existing the station through ticket gates. The fly-through shows the interior environment of the station at surface level, which includes passenger information displays, lighting and landscaping.

The fly-through then travels through the ticket gates and into the outdoor area of the station on Grey Street in South Brisbane. The exterior of the station entry has landscaping, lighting and signage, and seating for a small café or restaurant.

The fly-through then pans around to show a view of the station entry from Grey Street. The fly-through shows cars and bicycles waiting at the traffic signals on Grey Street, and pedestrians crossing the intersection of Melbourne Street and Grey street at the new ‘scramble’ crossing.

The fly-through then rises up to show a wide view of the station entry and the scramble crossing. The fly-through shows inbound and outbound lanes for buses travelling along Melbourne Street. A blue CityGlider bus is shown travelling outbound towards West End along Melbourne Street. Another CityGlider bus is waiting at the inbound traffic signals on Melbourne Street. The fly-through also shows a new pedestrian crossing of Melbourne Street from the Queensland Performing Arts Centre to the Queensland Museum, in a location near the existing pedestrian overpass.

The fly-through shows the Melbourne Street Green outside the Queensland Performing Arts Centre reinstated with landscaping and mature trees. New landscaping and trees are also shown outside the Queensland Museum on Melbourne Street.

Last updated:2 May 2019