Brisbane Metro industry briefing introduction video transcript

Read the transcript of the industry briefing introduction video, presented by Mr Scott Stewart, Divisional Manager, Brisbane Infrastructure.

Good Morning everyone. Thank you and welcome to the Brisbane Metro industry briefing. It’s fantastic to have you here. We’re very excited to have reached this milestone. We hope you’ve come in excited and leave a lot more excited. We’re entering a new phase for the project so thanks for being here.

My name is Scott Stewart and I am the Divisional Manager for Brisbane Infrastructure – the part of Council responsible for creating and delivering the Brisbane Metro project. On behalf of Council, welcome from us all.  

I would first like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet and I acknowledge the Elders, past, present and emerging.

I would also like to thank a number of very special guests, in particular the Federal Minister for Urban Infrastructure – The Honourable Paul Fletcher MP, Councillor Adrian Schrinner – Acting Mayor and Chairman of the Public and Active Transport Committee, Councillor Amanda Cooper – Chairman of our Infrastructure Committee. Also Federal Member for Brisbane, Mr Trevor Evans MP, and Member for Bonner, Mr Ross Vasta MP thank you very much for coming along today.

I’d also like to make mention and thank you to Mr Peter Milward – General Manager Passenger Transport Integration of TransLink, Department of Transport and Main Roads representing the Department today and his colleagues who are here today as well.

Mr Steve Hammer, who you will be hearing from later in the presentation, our Project Director for the project.

And I’d also like to acknowledge Gregg Buyers, our Program Director of Major Projects who is here today and Mr Alan Evans, our Executive Manager of City Projects Office which has the team for this project who unfortunately couldn’t make it today. Thank you all and welcome.

We are really delighted to be joined by such a strong representation from industry. You have engaged very well with us over the last two years, which we have appreciated which has shaped what we have created as a project and what we’ve created as a procurement process. It’s pleasing that you are here today and we look forward to working with you over the coming months.

In terms of housekeeping, in the case of an emergency alarm please stay calm and follow the instructions and we will be guided out of the building. Toilets are at the rear of the foyer and if you haven’t already, please turn your phones to silent or turn them off.

Also I would like to advise you today’s briefing is being filmed so that will available on our website in the coming days for your reference.

As you can see from this film, we’re really excited about Metro because it’s such a transformational project for the city. Delivering high-frequency turn-up-and-go services along the two metro routes that you know about and have seen, and also the new and upgraded infrastructure that it provides as well. So we see it very much as a transformational project for the city.

As the Divisional Manager, it has been a great pleasure over the last two years to work with you, to work with industry and the team, and the State Government and Federal Government to shape the project and bring it to where it is today. And like I said, we’re very excited to reach this milestone and the coming months ahead to work with you on procurement.

A key milestone was reached in May this year when the Australian Government confirming a $300 million funding commitment to the Brisbane Metro. And that was a large and appreciated contribution to the project.

Shortly we will hear from the Honourable Paul Fletcher MP, to talk about the significant benefits from a Federal Government point of view.

Council’s strong commitment to the Brisbane Metro is also demonstrated by our commitment over the last two years but now also the confirmed funding. So we have confirmed funding for the balance $644 million capital cost. And we have funding in this financial year now and in the budget for the coming years for the phases of the project we’re now entering.

Acting Mayor Councillor Adrian Schrinner, who has special responsibility, amongst other things, for the Brisbane Metro project, will today share his vision for how Brisbane Metro will change the way people move and connect within and across the city.

Today also marks the commencement of our formal market engagement activities for some significant packages.

Later in the briefing, Steve will talk us through a lot of those details both in terms of the project, the engagement that has happened and next steps and timeframes as well.

After that we will have a Q&A session, so please if you could capture your questions for the end of the session where we will be able to answer those for you.  

I would now like to, without further ado, introduce the Honourable Paul Fletcher MP, Minister for Urban Infrastructure to speak.

Thank you.  

Last updated:2 May 2019