Brisbane Metro industry briefing presentation by the Hon Paul Fletcher MP, Minister for Urban Infrastructure and Cities video transcript

Read the transcript of the Brisbane Metro industry briefing presentation by the Hon Paul Fletcher MP, Minister for Urban Infrastructure and Cities.

Well thank you very much Scott. It is a great pleasure to be here at this very important industry briefing in relation to the exciting Brisbane Metro project.

Can I acknowledge Acting Mayor, Councillor  Adrian Schrinner and also Councillor  Amanda Cooper. Can I acknowledge my fellow parliamentary colleagues Trevor Evans and Ross Vasta but most importantly can I acknowledge all of the representatives of the business sector here.

You’re here obviously to learn about the opportunities from this very exciting $944 million project and the opportunities for your business to participate in this transformational project.

In my brief time today I want to, first of all, make the point that the Turnbull Government is strongly backing this project, as Scott mentioned, with a commitment of $300 million. That follows very detailed engagement between Brisbane City Council and the Turnbull Government going back over some years as the Council has developed its plans as it has worked with Infrastructure Australia to bring forward the Business Case.

The Business Case obviously has been endorsed by Infrastructure Australia, and subsequently in the May 2018 Federal Budget we saw the funding commitment of $300 million towards this very important project.

Now why is it that the Turnbull Government has supported this project? Of course, Brisbane is growing strongly as one of Australia’s largest cities and with growth comes issues like congestion, for example, on Victoria Bridge. Brisbane Metro is solution to some of those issues, delivering two lines and delivering turn-up-and-go services, innovative technology and bringing significant benefits in terms of shorter travel times, reduced congestion and so on.

So what happens from here – you’ll hear more about that in detail later in this briefing but of course the Council will be going forward with its market engagement processes. Looking to award the vehicle tender, I’m advised, by the middle of 2019.

Expressions of Interest processes will be kicking off for the construction aspects of the project. But most importantly, as all of that process works through, there’s economic activity being generated, jobs being created and then when the project comes on-stream in 2023 there will be better, more frequent, more reliable public transport services for the people of Brisbane so that’s great news.

I congratulate everybody here for your interest and engagement in this project and I wish you the very best of luck in securing some of the work and activity that is available.

Thank you very much.

Last updated:2 May 2019