Best food waste recipes

fried rice

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite recipes to keep good food from going to waste. Check out these easy ideas to get the most out of your leftovers and make meals for your family and friends.

Top 10 Love Food Hate Waste recipes

  1. Simple summer salads – find out what makes a great salad and read about fresh, easy ideas to try at home.
  2. Sweet stir-fry success – seasoned Chef Taya from Taya’s Kitchen shares her recipes for a great mid-week dinner of sweet and sour pork.
  3. Four recipes – one lamb roast – we explain portions and how to make four delicious lamb meals out of one large joint of meat.
  4. Rice saving fried rice – fried rice is quick, great at using up bits and pieces from the crisper and easy for beginner cooks to learn.
  5. Warm up with winter pasta – an inventive way to use up dips from the fridge and staples from the pantry for a hearty winter winner.
  6. Zero waste chicken – whether you baked it at home yourself or stopped off at the shops, we’ve got recipes to help make your roast chicken go further.
  7. From scraps to frappes – smoothies and drinks are another way to stop food going to waste.
  8. Pasties – pasties are a delicious way to reinvent meats and vegetables into pastry parcels of goodness.
  9. Banana bread – save those speckled bananas from the bin and turn them into banana bread.
  10. Make your own breadcrumbs – bread waste is one of the top items ending up in our bins, so we have a few handy ways to get the most out of your bread.

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Last updated:24 October 2019
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