Brew up some plant food

mother and child gardening

Did you know you can make plant food with your breakfast kitchen scraps?

It’s natural, reduces food waste and your garden or pot plants will love you for it!

Coffee grounds as fertiliser

Did you know you can sprinkle your coffee grounds straight onto soil and use it as fertiliser? This is a great way to add organic material to your soil to improve drainage, water retention and soil aeration. All you have to is sprinkle the coffee grounds and gently work it into the soil.

Some people believe coffee grounds will also keep slugs and snails away from your plants while attracting earthworms.

So next time you’re brewing up a cup of coffee don’t forget your plants may enjoy a caffeine fix too.

‘Egg-shellent’ nutrients 

Egg shells are full of nutritious calcium that your plants will just love. Grinding the shells into a powder and sprinkling them over the surface of your plants acts as a natural fertiliser.

Banana peel tea

Simply placing a banana peel in a jar filled with water can make a plant tea your garden will drink up. After two days in the jar, you can take out the peel and set aside (we’ll be using it again soon) and water your plants with the juice left in the jar. Next you can chop up the leftover peel and bury them in the soil around your plants to provide a vitamin boost to your garden.

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019
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