Brisbane City Council is certified carbon neutral!

National Carbon Offset Standard

As part of our commitment to keeping Brisbane clean, green and sustainable, we're proud to announce that Brisbane City Council has received formal certification as a carbon neutral organisation under the Australian Government's Carbon Neutral Program. This certification recognises that Council has no net greenhouse gas emissions and is part of all of the work Council has been doing to improve our sustainability. 

The scale and diversity of our operations makes Council the largest carbon neutral certified organisation in Australia, with a carbon footprint more than three times larger than that of the next largest carbon neutral certified organisation. Council is also the only carbon neutral certified organisation in Australia with an operating landfill and large public transport service.

How we are achieving carbon neutral status

Brisbane has been a leader in sustainability practices for more than 20 years and has twice been named Australia's Most Sustainable City. Council has worked hard at improving the performance of our own operations, as well as delivering initiatives to encourage residents and businesses to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Examples of Council's clean energy and emissions reduction projects include:

  • launching community composting hubs to reduce organic waste going to landfill
  • diverting glass, paper and plastics from landfill for recycling
  • the purchase and preservation of close to 4000 hectares of natural bushland for future generations
  • retrofitting 25,000 street lights with energy efficient lamps
  • retrofitting the iconic Story Bridge with light-emitting diode (LED) lighting
  • installing 502 kilowatts (kW) of solar power systems on Council buildings, including 100 kW systems at the Brisbane Powerhouse and Toowong bus depot
  • including electric vehicles in our passenger fleet
  • trialling the use of biofuels, hybrid electric and smart transmission technology in public transport
  • providing eco-driving training for Council bus operators.

We've also joined the Climate Council's Cities Power Partnership (CPP) which seeks to celebrate and accelerate the emission reduction and clean energy successes of Australian towns and cities. As a CPP member, Council looks forward to collaborating and sharing our experiences with other like-minded local governments as we work to attain and build on our sustainability goals.

Ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Council has set an ambitious target for Brisbane households to reduce their carbon emissions to six tonnes per year by 2031. Here are 12 helpful tips to get you started:

  1. Plant trees in your yard or attend a Council tree planting event.
  2. Leave the car at home and use public transport. Or even better, get active and get on a CityCycle.
  3. Replace household light bulbs with LED lights.
  4. Set your air conditioner to 25 degrees in summer.
  5. Reduce, reuse, recycle.
  6. Join a Habitat Brisbane group or Creek Catchment group.
  7. Switch to paperless billing and receive your Council rates notice by email.
  8. Show your paid Council rates notice to receive a free native plant.
  9. Reduce water costs - turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.
  10. Visit a farmer's market and support local food growers.
  11. Visit a Council tip shop to see what you can salvage - one person's trash is another person's pre-loved treasure just waiting to be reused and rehomed.
  12. Register to be involved in Council's community composting program.

Every bit you can do will help us keep Brisbane clean, green and sustainable.

More information

For more information, read our Carbon Neutral Council page.

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019
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