Brisbane schools' green hearts are growing

It’s been another big year for all of Brisbane’s Green Schools. We’re feeling proud of our young sustainability champions from Brisbane City Council’s 2019 schools, classes and programs.

From recycling in schools to singalong walks to school, it’s been wonderful to see our schools and kindies getting enthusiastic about making Brisbane cleaner and greener for the future. 

Waste Smart Kindy program

Starting with the youngest, Canossa Kindergarten in Coorparoo has been named Brisbane’s first Waste Smart Kindy, after their massive efforts to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill. 

The kindy has been teaching their youngsters how to be waste smart, with the help of Council’s Waste Smart Kindy program.

Canossa Kindergarten kickstarted their waste smart initiatives by:

  • labelling bin systems with Council’s bin stickers for staff and kids to identify what should go in each bin
  • creating a great food collection system for composting
  • using composted materials in food gardens at the centre
  • creating educational games to learn about what can be recycled
  • implementing a centre-wide nude lunch program (that means no food wrapping).

Rethink your Rubbish program

Council also works with primary schools across the city running free education programs to help some of our littlest residents learn about reducing waste.

So far this year, Council has already worked with more than 3000 students, teaching them about reuse, recycling, worm farming and how to reduce food waste.

Active School Travel

Since 2004, more than 160 Brisbane primary schools have participated in the three-year Active School Travel program.

We’re sending out a big cheer to the thousands of students from 45 primary schools across Brisbane who actively travelled to school this year by walking, scootering, riding a bike or car pooling. 

The Active School Travel program encourages parents, teachers and students to reduce car travel, by making new healthy habits like walking or riding a bike daily, to and from school.

It’s great to see schools get creative with their active, sustainable initiatives too. In 2019, schools have:

  • hosted group walks, such as singalong walks to school.
  • held breakfasts
  • had a crazy sock day
  • decorated bikes for the ride to school. 

Student Environmental Leadership Network (SELN)

This year, Council has empowered young leaders across Brisbane to raise their school’s environmental awareness and implement projects to support a greener school community.

SELN representatives from Brigidine College, Georgia Raworth and Trinity Schossow are two of 61 students that have shown off their green hearts this year in Council’s SELN program.

Along with their school environment group, the girls held a school event to celebrate World Environmental Day 2019. Their event included a recycling game, an environmentally-themed crossword, and ecology and wildlife demonstrations.

The young leaders are now working to introduce yellow recycling bins into their school with the help of Council.

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Last updated:11 November 2019
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