Brisbane’s best green events in 2020

Being eco-conscious isn’t only trendy, it’s a must to care for our environment now and in the future. And with sustainability top of mind, it's easier than ever to cruise in the green lane in 2020.

Practice being successfully sustainable all year round with a full calendar of green and eco events being held across Brisbane. We’ve done the work to wrap them up so all you have to do is pop a reminder in your calendar!

The personal safety of Brisbane residents and visitors is our top priority. Due to coronavirus, some of our events, facilities, services and venues have been impacted. 

Check our Coronavirus: Council updates and impacts page for latest updates, cancelled events and venue closures. Protect yourself and others by practicing social distancing in our parks.

Best to be a part of the global movement

Doing it before it was cool, Earth Day celebrates 50 years on Wednesday 22 April with the theme of climate action to mark one of the most pressing topics for current and future generations. Play your part in protecting and restoring our planet by joining a cleanup or host an event in your own community. Embrace World Water Day (Sunday 22 March) to save a few litres of precious H20.

Can’t wait to get involved? Join millions of people around the world by switching off at home for Earth Hour, which is just around the corner on Saturday 28 March. Be part of the movement and show that you care about our planet’s future by turning off your lights for 60 minutes at 8.30pm.

Ditch the car for a day on Saturday 20 June and play your part in Clean Air Day by taking a CityCycle to work, keeping the air you breathe a little cleaner.

Pencil in Friday 16 October a.k.a World Food Day as good a chance as any to consider how you can save money and create a cleaner, greener city with less landfill. Take inspiration from our partnership with OzHarvest who rescue 390,000 kilograms of food from Brisbane businesses each year and deliver over 1.1 million meals to vulnerable residents. So, crisper ‘orphan’ quiche for dinner then?

Best to learn how to live a little greener

Join hundreds of other eco-minded locals on Sunday 7 June at Brisbane’s biggest free sustainability festival - our Green Heart Fair. Top up your sustainability cup with more than 100 of our city’s leading sustainability organisations, community groups, foodies, green thumbs and eco-experts coming together to share lessons on how we can all do our bit to live more sustainably. Costa the Garden Gnome will also be in attendance with Dirtgirl, performing the ever-popular Grubby Bucket Show.

Why wait until May for International Composting Week to start putting your food scraps to work by making healthier soils for our local gardens? Register to join our local Community Composting Hub and collect your free composting caddy from your local ward office (or reuse an ice cream or yoghurt container) to put your veggie scraps, coffee grounds and eggshells to work to make nutrient-dense soil. Find your local community composting hub and if you need a gentle nudge to get started, join in one of our composting workshops.

If fast fashion lures you in with cheap prices, why not use National Op Shop Week (August) as a reason to update your wardrobe with unexpected gems from one of Council’s tip shops or other op shops around the city. As Yves Saint Laurent said, “fashion fades but style is eternal” and we all know the classics never goes out of style. Plus you’ll feel good knowing that your revived pieces are unique, financially viable and environmentally sustainable.

With 40 weeks until National Recycling Week in November, you’ve got plenty of time to get up to speed on what you can recycle in your recycling bin. Use our handy Brisbane Bin and Recycling app and help divert some of the 35,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard put in the waste bin by mistake each year.

Best to take action locally

With so much to be done globally, it can often feel like our individual efforts aren’t moving the needle - but that simply isn’t the case! Each of us can make changes that help on a local and global level.

Keeping our city clean and tidy is a big job but if we all make an effort and play a part, the Brisbane lifestyle we love can continue to flourish. Find out more about how you can team up to take on litter in your suburb.

Speaking of our Brisbetter lifestyle, the 2000 parks across Brisbane give us dedicated greenspaces to enjoy fresh air, connect with family and friends and even fit in a workout. So why not pick a new-to-you local park, pack a picnic and spend a lazy weekend afternoon celebrating the vital role our greenspaces play in the lifestyle we love.

Quick event guide

  • Sunday 22 March - World Water Day 
  • Saturday 28 March - Earth Hour
  • Wednesday 22 April - Earth Day
  • May - International Composting Week
  • Sunday 7 June - Green Heart Fair
  • Saturday 20 June - Clean Air Day
  • August - National Op Shop Week
  • Friday 16 October - World Food Day
  • November - National Recycling Week

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* World Science Festival on 25-27 March has been cancelled.

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Last updated:30 April 2020