Celebrate Arbor Day – 10 October

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This blog post includes content from Arbor Day 2017. View information relating to Arbor Day 2018.

Council is encouraging you to look up and enjoy our city’s treasured trees by planting your own tree as we celebrate the 127th Arbor Day on Tuesday 10 October.

Brisbane first participated in Arbor Day in 1890 with almost 400 schools across Queensland planting 10,000 plants and trees. Trees planted on that day included Moreton Bay figs, Norfolk Pines, Jacarandas and Poinsettias.

Five ways urban trees contribute to the health of our environment and community

  1. Trees combat climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide, removing and storing carbon and releasing oxygen back into the air
  2. Trees cool the streets and city by shading our homes and streets and breaking up urban 'heat islands' by releasing water vapour into the air through their leaves
  3. Trees provide oxygen and clean the air by absorbing odours and pollutant gases and filtering particulates out of the air by trapping them on leaves and bark
  4. Trees save water by providing shade which slows water evaporation and increasing atmospheric moisture through transpiration
  5. Trees help prevent soil erosion on hillsides and creek banks by slowing run-off and holding soil in place.

Council invites Brisbane primary and secondary schools to participate in planting trees on their grounds Arbor Day. Schools are eligible to receive up to 50 free native plants, and Council has a great list of books for students that highlight the importance of caring for our natural environment.

By planting shade trees today, future generations will continue to enjoy a clean, green and sustainable Brisbane.

Date posted: Thursday, 5th October, 2017
Last updated:2 May 2019
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