Five ways to reduce your plastics use

Plastic is not fantastic! Approximately 38,000 tonnes of plastic was sent to landfill in Brisbane last year via household rubbish bins, including lots of plastic products that could have been recycled or avoided.

Plastic Free July is here, so there is no better time to start thinking about how you can reduce the amount of plastic you use every day.

We’ve compiled some of our favourite ideas for minimising the amount of plastic in your life, so you can help to keep our city clean and green for years to come. Taking steps towards a plastic free life is easier than you think.

Think green when grocery shopping

You’ve arrived at your local grocery store with your reusable bags in hand. What do you do next?

It’s easy to generate a lot of plastic waste in the kitchen and minimising this starts with what you buy at the shops. Avoid pre-packaged fruits and vegetables and bring reusable produce bags with you – they are great for loose nuts and seeds too! Instead of buying products in plastic packaging, go for items packaged in glass, paper or cardboard wherever you can.

Get considerate with your caffeine

There’s no doubt Brisbane is a city of coffee lovers, so if you haven’t already got a reusable cup of your own, that’s a great place to start. If you use a coffee pod machine at home, do you know if the coffee pods you use are sustainable?

While they’re very convenient, approximately 270 tonnes of coffee pods end up in landfill every year! They can’t go into your recycling bin, so opt for a brand that offers a recycling program. Aluminium pods are the best choice, as they can be recycled over and over again.

Make simple personal care swaps

Another place you are likely to find a big collection of plastic is in the bathroom. Ditch the disposable razor and instead switch to one that lets you replace the blade. Making simple switches like buying bamboo cotton buds or choosing lotions and lip balms that come in plastic-free containers can save lots of unnecessary plastic going into landfill. Think about buying package-free soap and shampoo bars instead – it’ll get you just as clean and allow you to skip the pesky plastic!

Become a plastic free pet parent

Reducing the amount of plastic in your life isn’t limited to products for humans! Avoid pet food wrapped in single serve plastic pouches and look for food in recyclable trays and tins. If you really want to live clean and green, start making your own pet food and store it in reusable containers.

When shopping for toys for your furry friends, look for products that are package-free and made to last. If you buy a toy for your pet they can destroy in a matter of days, it will only end up in landfill!

Eat on the go mindfully

When it comes to eating on the go, consider carrying a set of metal cutlery with you instead of relying on single-use plastic utensils, and keep them in your bag or in the car so you always have them handy and ready to go. Remember to say no to plastic straws and if you can’t live without them, add a reusable straw to your collection.

If you’re packing something to take with you, give beeswax wraps a try! These alternatives to cling wrap are reusable and often come in colourful patterns to brighten up your lunch or snack.

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Last updated:24 October 2019
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