Freshen up your style with pre-loved goods

Do you have a closet full of ‘fast fashion’ you’ve only worn once or twice? Does your bin fill up with unwanted clothes when you decide to update your wardrobe?

Fast fashion may provide a cheap and easy way to sport the latest trends, but their disposable nature means many of these clothes find their way into our landfill. Every 10 minutes, 6000 kgs of discarded clothing gets dumped in landfill throughout Australia.  

Textile waste presents a growing problem for our city. However, if we shift our mindset towards prolonging the life of our clothes we can help reduce the amount of waste heading to landfill and support a cleaner and more sustainable Brisbane.

How to make a difference

One easy way to extend the life of clothes is by donating unwanted, or ‘pre-loved’, clothing to charities, op shops or one of Council’s resource recovery centres. When you’re after a new look, consider updating your wardrobe with unexpected gems from one of Council’s tip shops or other op-shops around the city instead of buying brand-new clothing. Classic clothing never dates, and you can feel great knowing that revived fashion is unique, financially savvy and environmentally sustainable.

You can also upcycle your wardrobe by altering or mending your clothing, or you can try new and different combinations of long-forgotten clothing from your wardrobe. Swapping clothes with friends and family is also an easy and fun way to freshen your look sustainably. 

Furniture and homewares

Clothes are not the only items you can reuse, revive and upcycle. Instead of throwing out old furniture or homewares, donate items in good condition to Council’s resource recovery centres or other charities and op-shops. Try upcycling your furniture or homewares to create new, exciting items for your household.

Offering quality second-hand furniture and homewares, Council’s tip shops are stocked with rare and unique finds that can give your home its own distinct look.

Council’s tip shops, at 46 Colebard Street West in Acacia Ridge and 27A Prosperity Place in Geebung, are open every Saturday and Sunday from 8am-4pm.

The Endeavour Foundation, one of Australia’s largest non-government organisations supporting and providing opportunities for people with a disability, run the tips shops on Council’s behalf and all proceeds go towards the foundation.  

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Last updated:13 March 2020
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