Greener gardening - recycle your way to a better backyard

Nurturing your garden isn't just a good way to maintain a harmonious home. Research shows that being a 'green thumb' boosts your immunity, mental health and overall wellness.

Our city's sunny climate means we can grow beautiful plants all year round. Brisbane residents also have multiple options to recycle green waste. We currently recycle more than 75,000 tonnes of green waste each year. Diverting green waste from landfill and transforming it into nutritious compost or soil conditioner is much better for the environment and stops the release of harmful greenhouse gases.

To help you on your journey to green garden bliss, we've compiled a list of ways to get the best out of your garden, while also helping to create a cleaner, greener and more sustainable Brisbane.

Our top tips for greener gardening

1. Sign up for a household green waste bin

Since the green waste recycling service launched in Brisbane, more than 80,000 households have signed up to contribute to a cleaner, greener Brisbane.

The convenience of the service means you can enjoy your time maintaining your garden without stockpiling garden debris or sending it to landfill in your rubbish bin. The fortnightly service is just $20.47 per quarter, with a $30 establishment fee.

Special offer: For the month of October 2017, Brisbane City Council is waiving the $30 establishment fee for all new green waste recycling bins that are ordered. Join Brisbane's green waste revolution today and save $30.

2. Design a sustainable garden and encourage biodiversity

A great garden complements our natural environment and home. Getting the design only half right can mean that soil is washed away, spaces are unused, plants die and creeks are in danger of being polluted by chemical run-off and sediment.

Whether you're starting from scratch or rethinking your garden's existing layout, check out Council's online Green Gardening in Brisbane Guide to learn how to design a sustainable garden, choose the right plants and encourage biodiversity.

3. Recycle your garden waste at Council's resource recovery centres

The arrival of storm season is one of the best times to clean up your yard and trim trees. Our subtropical climate accelerates the growth of plants in warmer months. Unpredictable weather can cause damage to homes and yards.

Council's resource recovery centres are located in Chandler, Ferny Grove, Nudgee and Willawong. The centres are open from 6.30am to 5.45pm every day of the year, including Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Special offer: There are free green waste tipping events at Council's resource recovery centres on 21 and 22 October to help you get your garden ready for storm season.

4. Start composting your green waste

 Got the space to recycle your garden waste in your own backyard?

With a little patience, you can establish a garden heap compost pile and harvest the rewards of nutritious soil. Simply gather a mix of grass clippings, dried leaves and prunings into a heap. To speed up breakdown of this organic matter, turn the heap regularly and cut prunings into small pieces. For more information, check out our compost and organic waste recycling information.

5. Nourish your garden with your home's fruit and vegetable scraps

There are so many ways to transform your kitchen scraps into nutritious compost that you'll be wondering why it took you so long to get started.

Compost bins, tumblers, worm farms and Bokashi bins are all popular options. Learn more about which option is best for you by checking out our online compost and worm farm brochure.

Council regularly hosts free compost and worm farming workshops. Find a future workshop near you.

Don't forget though, it's even better to use those scraps as your own food before sending them to compost. Learn how to love your leftovers, store your food and create tasty meals out of scraps with our Love Food Hate Waste information.

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Last updated:24 October 2019
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