Have an 'egg-cellent' day


There's something lovely about eggs. They bring those lazy Sunday morning vibes to just about any meal of the day - even a work day! Full of nutrients and flavour, they are an incredibly versatile ingredient worth having as a kitchen staple to help fight food waste.

The beauty of eggs is that they can be a snack or meal on their own, part of a main meal, or a foundation ingredient for many recipes. Throw in a few 'about-to-expire' ingredients and eggs shine as a Love Food Hate Waste hero ingredient.

Here are some of our favourite ways to use eggs with leftover fridge and pantry ingredients to make your snack or meal 'egg-staordinary'.

Breakfast ideas

  • Make pancakes or crepes and top with fruit and/or maple syrup. You can poach, stew or slice leftover fruit to make a healthy breakfast, rather than letting ripe or imperfect fruit go to waste.
  • Use up bread by making eggs on toast with spinach and avocado, or soft 'soldier' eggs with toast fingers. 
  • Make an omelette. Chop up leftover ham or chicken, onion, tomatoes, spinach and herbs and add them to your omelette with some cheese.
  • Create patties with leftover mashed potato or sweet potato and your favourite herbs. Cook in butter in a non-stick fry pan until they are crispy. Cook a couple of eggs at the same time and serve your homemade hash browns with eggs on top.

Lunch and dinner ideas

  • Make a delicious meal by adding bacon, pancetta, eggs, (cream - optional) and parmesan cheese to leftover pasta to make a delicious meal. 
  • Use up leftover cooked meat and vegetables in a frittata. Just add eggs and milk and season to taste.
  • Use eggs as a sandwich filling. Cook eggs, add curry powder and mayonnaise and season to taste. Curried egg also makes a tasty dip by adding extra mayonnaise and chopped chives.
  • Turn a green salad into a meal with the addition of a boiled egg.
Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019