Hey Brisbane. Can we go thrift shopping?

It’s Buy Nothing New Month across the globe, and to celebrate we’re partnering with Garage Sale Trail to help you buy and sell second-hand goodies, reduce landfill and save finite resources from being wasted.

With more than 500 garage sales expected in Brisbane this year, it’s going to be a big weekend of hunting preloved bargains on 19-20 October. The thrifting doesn’t have to end though! You can stay stylish and reduce your eco-footprint by keeping the second-hand trend going with a line-up of Brisbane City Council clothes swap and rummage events happening this summer.

Put second-hand first

Buying nothing new doesn’t mean having to go without. You can still partake in some retail therapy while doing your bit to keep Brisbane clean and green.

Bargain hunters will find an array of clothes, books, toys, furniture, homewares and more. If summer beach trips are on your mind, grab yourself some new beach reads or beat the Christmas rush and bring your Christmas list with you - you never know what thrifted treasures you’ll find! You could have your Christmas party outfits sorted in no time and can feel good knowing your revived fashion is financially savvy and eco-friendly.

Garage sale tips

To make your Garage Sale Trail expedition fun and fruitful, we’ve got a few thrift-hunting tips to help you go forth and conquer:

  • Have a plan: Every garage sale will offer something different. Take the time to think about what it is you’re looking for. Do you need a new desk, books or clothes? Then jump on the Garage Sale Trail website and research what’s on offer so you know which sales will suit you.
  • Pack your reusables: Garage Sale Trail is all about reducing waste to landfill, so make sure you have your reusable shopping bags, a water bottle and coffee cup with you.
  • Head out early: You know that saying about the early birds and worms? Well it’s the same with garage sales and bargains!

Council’s tip shops

It’s not just your neighbours opening their car ports for the Garage Sale Trail. The biggest thrift stores in Brisbane are Council’s very own Northside and Southside tip shops, which will also be a bargain hunter’s delight.

Hop on the Eco-Thrifty Trail to see quick-reference maps of what else is in the areas around our tip shops.

Rummage up a bargain

For our fashion lovers, there’s heaps to see and do (and buy) with a number of Clothes, Swap Meet events in November, held at Council’s environment centres, and a Suitcase Rummage event held every first and third Sunday of the month in Brisbane Square, Brisbane City.

It’s not about buying nothing new never

Buy Nothing New Month is a chance to detox your clutter, save money and create new habits by asking yourself, “do I really need it?” If the answer is yes, “can I get it second-hand?”

Where to from here?

Visit Reuse, share and upcycle for more ideas on how you can reduce waste to landfill. To find a garage sale near you or to host your own visit Garage Sale Trail’s website.

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Last updated:24 October 2019
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