Keep cane toads off Moreton Island

Moreton Island Cane Toad Detection Dog

Moreton Island is one of the few locations in Queensland where cane toads have not established. To keep it that way, Brisbane City Council employs its own paw patrol - Tommy and Becky. These canines can sniff out cane toads like no other dogs.

Tommy and Becky are working English Springer Spaniels, owned and trained by Steve Austin Elite Dog Training School. These pups have an extremely high work drive and sniff out cane toads, which pose a serious threat to Moreton Island's biodiversity.

Both dogs are fifth generation working sniffer dogs, coming from a lineage of pooches known for their keen senses and sharp wits. Together they provide a strong defence against cane toads on Moreton Island.

With the majority of Moreton Island being national park or recreation area, the island's wildlife enjoy a relatively undisturbed existence. It's important we keep it that way!

It's easy to miss a stow away cane toad in your wheel wells, under firewood or hidden in your camping gear.

Help us keep Moreton Island cane toad free by checking your car, camping gear and luggage for cane toads before leaving for the island. Make sure you check these things again when you arrive on the island, as this tends to be the key time cane toads are found.

Want to know more about cane toads in Brisbane, Moreton Island pest control and our detection dogs? Read our cane toads web page and watch the cane toad detection dogs video.

Date posted:
Last updated:9 April 2020
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