Love food, hate waste without gluten

Gluten free eating is not about hitching to a foodie trend; coeliac disease is a serious autoimmune condition affecting one in 70¹ Australians. With Coeliac Awareness Week coming up from 13-20 March, it’s time to spotlight some Love Food Hate Waste inspired recipes that won’t cause a flare up – helping you minimise waste in your kitchen and stay gluten free.

Start the day how you mean to go on

Skipping breakfast is never worth the 10am energy slump that has you sliding into the office cookie jar while you wait for your coffee to brew. Boost your morning energy with a summertime smoothie that gives any overripe fruit a new lease on life. For something more wholesome and hearty, take that overripe fruit and turn it into quinoa porridge - bonus points for using up the last of the lonely carton of milk in your fridge door. 

There’s never a bad time for potatoes

Roasted, mashed, or in a hash - there is never a bad time for potatoes. This ‘perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner’ Love Food Hate Waste potato hash recipe transforms leftover roast potatoes and whatever other veg is camping out in your fridge. Think spinach, tomato and grated carrot - the possibilities are only limited by what’s in your crisper! Imagine the money and resources you will save by not throwing these forgotten vegetables out.

Send nood(le)s

The lack of gluten in this savvy healthy noodle dish will have you partying like udon care. Perfectly portioned for a solo dinner or multiply by five for a week of work lunches, this simple dish makes the most of crisper orphans like carrots, mushrooms, celery and capsicum for a coeliac-friendly dish that doesn’t compromise on taste.

Would you like morning tea with that?

Stuck looking at a bowl of browning bananas? Put those bad boys to good use to make this hearty gluten free banana bread. Perfect to slice, freeze and bring to work to pair with your mid-morning coffee or keep whole for a weekend picnic treat. While you’re at it, dig through your pantry for almost empty packets of nuts and dried fruit to add into this mix.

Inspiration from local heroes

Whether you’re searching high and low for gluten free recipes or just want to see less food waste going into your bin each week, Lentil and Matt Purbrick, authors of cookbook ‘Grown and Gathered’, have plenty of recipes to keep your at-home menu growing. We reckon their leftover skillet pie, vegetable and fish curry (perfect for hiding all those about-to-turn-ugly veggies) and leek and spinach fritters will quickly earn regular rotation on your weekly menu plan for their ability to play nice with others and adaptability for what is available in the fridge.

Find plenty more low-waste cooking inspiration in the latest Grown and Gathered cookbook and discover other top tips in the pages of cookbooks at your local library.

Have faith in frittata

If you’re ever stuck for how to use up the random bits and bobs in your fridge before grocery day, always have a little faith in a frittata. Not only is this eggy wonder gluten free, it is a healthy and filling creation that pairs well with a side salad, can be a snack-on-the-go or breakfast when you’re in a bind. Why not give this green veggie and goats cheese combo a whirl this weekend?

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¹ Gluten free fad diet impacts coeliac disease diagnosis - Ceoliac Australia, 12 March 2016 (PDF - 93kb)

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Last updated: 18 August 2020
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