Merry meat leftovers

We’re breaking down the best ways you can repurpose your leftover holiday ham, turkey, chicken and beef. It was going to be a top five – but we all agreed no one has leftover seafood!

Get creative to make these ideas work with what you have left in the fridge. Snap a pic and share it on social media using the hashtag #lovefoodhatewastebne to inspire other food waste warriors.


  • Grill mini pineapple and ham pizzas on half English muffins or use pita breads as the base
  • Add chopped ham to a creamy pasta dish like carbonara
  • Freeze the ham bone for cooler months and use it as a base for your pea and ham soup


  • Make a turkey casserole – it’s a one pot wonder go to!
  • Shred it and add it to an Asian style noodle soup with lots of greens
  • Refry it with some Mexican spices and a can of tomatoes to jazz up taco night


  • Nothing beats homemade chicken (or turkey) sandwiches – try it with apple slices and cranberry sauce
  • Bake a chicken quiche with shredded chicken, veggies and nubs of cheese leftover from the snack platter
  • Lighten your dinner menu with a chicken Caesar salad


  • Throw together a Thai beef salad with mint, coriander and chilli to liven up your shredded beef leftovers
  • Bring back comfort food with a beef stroganoff with mushrooms
  • Festive fajitas are always a good idea and an easy meal in the days between Christmas and New Year’s

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Last updated:21 November 2019
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