Purple rain, purple rain - Brisbane's beautiful Jacarandas and other flowering trees

Jacaranda brisbane

It's that time of year. The birds are up a little earlier, the sun is a little brighter and Brisbane starts to turn a distinct shade of purple. No it's not a gathering of Prince fans - it's Jacaranda season.

Jacarandas (Jacaranda mimosifolia) are probably the most iconic tree to signal the arrival of warmer weather in Brisbane, as well as the start of university exam season. You can't step outside at the moment without bumping into one in full bloom.

Other Brisbane flowering trees

Since Jacarandas are clearly Brisbane's 'show pony' in spring, let's take a closer look at some other floral beauties in Brisbane's urban forests.

Yellow Tabebuia

Commonly known as the Silver Trumpet Tree, the yellow Tabebuia (prounounced tah-beh-boo-ya) is a deciduous tree that comes from Brazil and explodes with vibrant yellow blooms in spring. Many examples can be seen throughout The Gap, Burbank and Banyo. Around Brisbane, Tabebuias can also be found in a pink flowering form.

Bright red Illawarra Flame Tree

An Australian native, the Illawarra Flame Tree (Brachychiton acerifolius) erupts into a blaze of magnificent red flowers in late spring. Although they can grow up to 40 metres tall, most backyard varieties reach about half that height. Let's not forget Aussie rock legends, Cold Chisel, found inspiration in these trees, penning the 1984 hit and karaoke favourite, Flame Trees.

Red Poinciana

One to watch out for over coming months is the Poinciana tree (Delonix regia). It will soon bloom with clusters of striking flame-red flowers. These familiar trees line many streets in Brisbane providing essential shade cover with a wide umbrella canopy. Poincianas tend to bloom from November onwards.

Golden Penda

In 1988 the native Golden Penda (Xanthostemon chysanthus) became a bit of a star, when it was selected as the theme plant for World Expo '88. In Brisbane, they were planted en masse as small shrubs, presenting a 'sea of gold' for our worldwide visitors. With fluffy tufts of yellow pom-pom flowers, it has been popular ever since.

Street trees

Keep a lookout for the many flowering trees in around the city. Brisbane City Council carefully chooses street trees to keep our suburbs cooler, attract wildlife and create a beautiful place to live. Our 575,000 Brisbane street trees all contribute to our urban forest and help to keep Brisbane clean, green and sustainable.

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Date posted: Thursday, 19th October, 2017
Last updated:8 May 2019
Topics: green