Show your leftovers a little love this Christmas

christmas leftover jars

There are few things better than a Christmas day feast and the beauty of a feast is the delicious leftovers that can be enjoyed for days. Let’s give our Christmas cooks a well-deserved break and ensure our Christmas leftovers are all eaten, with these Love Food Hate Waste leftovers tips.

Reusable containers are your best friend

If you’re hosting, check your container stash to ensure there’s plenty of reusable and sealable containers to store leftovers in. Clear containers are always best so you (and your family) can see at a glance what’s readily available for eating. If you don’t have clear containers, a great solution is to use masking tape and a pen to label your containers.

Entrees – keep it small, fresh and moving

Often at gatherings, platters are put out and forgotten about. A big entrée platter can lead to either guests filling themselves up before the main meal, or an uneaten platter that’s lost its freshness (and at high risk of becoming food waste due to cheese and meats being left out). When putting out platters, as a host, consider putting out less, topping up supplies as needed and encouraging your guests to pass the platters around so they get enjoyed. You could delegate restocking or waiting duty to any kids at the party looking to help out.


Allow your guests to serve themselves to reduce plate waste. Encourage seconds so guests eat what they first take, and are comfortable to go back for more rather than binning half a plate piled high first time around.

Protect and store

Cover your dishes with a food cover, fly net or tea towel to protect against pesky flies. Avoid leaving dishes out for extended periods of time, especially if you’re eating outside, and return food to the fridge or an esky as soon as possible. Let your guests know to explore the fridge if they find themselves peckish after everything has been packed away.

Meet me at the bottom

The coldest part of the fridge is around the bottom, so store any leftover meat on the lower levels. Just make sure it’s still visible so it gets enjoyed and not forgotten, and then binned! 

Date posted: Thursday, 20th December, 2018
Last updated:8 May 2019
Topics: blog green