Teaming up to take on litter

Keeping Brisbane clean and tidy can be a big job, but with everyone pitching in and doing their part, the Brisbane lifestyle residents and visitors have come to love will continue to flourish.

Whether you are out enjoying a beautiful Brisbane day in one of the city’s many parks and open spaces or spending time at home, there are plenty of simple ways you can help do your bit to manage Brisbane’s litter!

Top tips for reducing litter

104 or more

Council’s ‘104 or more’ campaign encourages residents to pick up two pieces of litter every week. That means each year every resident will remove 104 or more pieces of litter that might otherwise go into Brisbane’s streets, bushlands and waterways. Picking up litter means you are leading by example and will inspire others to help keep our city clean and green.

In the park

When at the park, take your rubbish with you when you leave and only use the bins provided for small amounts of waste. Also make sure you clean up after your dogs—while Council provides bags in designated dog parks, it is the responsibility of every pet owner to take bags with them and clean up after their dogs in public areas.

In the home

At home, be sure not to hose or sweep rubbish into gutters that lead to Brisbane’s stormwater drains, and only place large items you want to throw away at the kerbside during your designated kerbside collection periods.

In the community

If you would like to make a bigger impact on litter, Council often hosts community clean-ups that are open to the public, and Council can also help organise clean-up events for schools, social groups and other community organisations. Council will also loan litter clean-up equipment to individuals, businesses, schools and community groups interested in doing their own litter clean-ups. Email our Litter team to find out more.

Report illegal dumping

Residents can also inform Council of illegal dumping incidents, which Council considers as disposing of household rubbish, garden waste and building and commercial waste outside designated areas and times.

Every year, Council spends half a million dollars of ratepayer money to clean up illegally dumped waste which can damage Brisbane’s natural areas.

More information

For more information on community clean-ups happening near you, how Council can assist your community group with a clean-up session, email Council’s Litter Management Team or phone 07 3403 8888.

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*This blog was last updated on Wednesday 16 October to include details on how to  find out more about loan litter clean-up equipment.

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Last updated:24 October 2019
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