Tips to avoid unidentifiable frozen objects (UFOs)

Frozen Food

When you get your freezer organised, it can be a waste warrior’s best friend and as winter approaches, it is a perfect time to get your freezer sorted.

First take a few minutes to clear it out and take an inventory of what you already have. Then try these eight simple tips and tricks to avoid UFOs in your freezer.

  1. Avoid having a freezer full of UFOs by labelling everything. Don’t forget to write the date you put it in the freezer too.
  2. Have a leftovers only shelf. Most leftovers can be frozen for at least two months. This is your go to shelf for lunches or snacks. Plus, on nights when you run out of puff or the kids are at a sleepover, the hard work is already done.
  3. Keep a running list of your freezer contents and stick it to the door with a magnet – this will remind you what is in there that needs to be used.
  4. When your freezer is full it works more efficiently, so keep it stocked up. Everyday items like bread, milk and grated cheese all freeze well and having these on hand will help avoid last-minute trips to the shops, which will help you save money.
  5. Maintaining an even temperature in your freezer by keeping the freezer door closed as much as possible will help minimise freezer burn.
  6. Defrost food overnight in the fridge, use within 24-hours and cook it until it is piping hot. If you need it quickly, food can be defrosted safely in the microwave.
  7. Keeping a tray of frozen herbs or a pre-prepared sauce, can help to create a delicious dinner and can make mealtimes that little bit easier.
  8. When you have time on your hands, cook a big batch of rice and a big batch of pasta, and then portion it into serving sizes and freeze. They will be ready to thaw for almost-instant sides.
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Last updated:24 October 2019
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