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Thank you to everyone who entered our very popular meal planning kit giveway in August. Read some of the great Love Food Hate Waste tips from our readers who entered the giveaway.


Planning meals, doing a regular, single shopping trip for your household, and shopping smarter by buying bulk food and market fresh produce to reduce food packaging was the most popular tip. Planning is a key focus of our six-week food waste challenge, with planning and shopping mindfully being an important part of reducing food waste.

Reader top tip
Take the guess work out of what to cook every night. Ask each member of the family to list their favourite meals and make a quick and easy catalogue of meal ideas that you know the family will eat. Makes shopping much easier!

Freezer friends

The importance of your household freezer to reduce food waste was the second most popular tip. Use your freezer to portion bulk meat for cooking at a later date, or freeze food to help extend its life and freshness.

Reader top tip
We freeze leftovers in single serve portions in reusable containers. This reduces food waste and means less spending on takeaways. Freezing in single serves means everyone can choose their favourite meal and it's easy to grab lunch for work.


We received lots of food waste tips that used vegetables and herbs to create vegetable soup and stock. Add leftover vegetables to a pot of stock to make soup, or use leftover vegetables to make vegetable stock to freeze for risottos and sauces.

Reader top tip
Make a soup using vegetables scraps (skins and all) gathered through the week and stored in a container in the fridge. Throw the scraps and any old vegetables into the slow cooker with water and cook. Blend or strain, season and cool before storing in the fridge for up to a week. The easiest and cheapest vegetable soup ever!

Minced meat meal creations

Our readers shared lots of tips to reduce food waste and save money and mince dishes were a clear favourite. Minced meat is affordable and versatile and can be easily portioned for less waste.

Reader top tip
Reduce produce waste and be economical by using turkey, beef, pork or chicken mince to bake mini meatloaves with grated vegetables.

Conscious consumption

The final theme for top tips from our readers was conscious consumption - thinking about how we shop, cook and eat. Being conscious about what we buy, and only buying what we need, can help reduce food waste. Try to buy produce in season, and think about coordinating shopping for fruit and vegetables with a friend or neighbour to split produce portions (e.g. whole celery) amongst yourselves so you'll eat everything you buy.

Reader top tip
Buy lemons and limes when they are in season and relatively inexpensive. Remove the outer peel with a peeler and blitz in a blender. Freeze and add when you need zest in a recipe. Do the same with the juice and pulp and freeze in ice-cube trays. This tip helps keep costs down and makes meal prep even easier!

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Last updated:24 October 2019
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