Top tips for being sustainably cool in Brisbane

Turning on the air-con on a 35-degree day might be a quick trip to cool-down town, but while satisfying, many of us are hoping to reduce our juice and keep cool in more sustainable ways. With these top tips, staying cool won’t compromise your green-heart credentials or new year’s resolutions to make your home more environmentally sustainable.

Read on for inspiration of how to make your home and suburb cooler, sustainably.

We've got some big Brisbane sprinklers

For many of us, running through the sprinkler in the backyard on a summer afternoon was a rite of passage as a kid. Keep the tradition going, with a twist, by visiting one of our water play and aqua parks. Let the kids cool off and splash about among slides, mushroom fountains, drop buckets, lily pads, worms, bubblers, and water jets. Invite friends, pack a picnic and make a day of it!

Not only will you be saving on air-con, with our 22 local pools, there’s no need to splash out for all the water and maintenance of your own private pool.

How does your garden grow?

Lounging in a shady garden is a great way to spend a hot Brisbane day. With a few handy hacks you can enjoy a lush garden that not only looks good but also plays a role in growing our urban forest. Simple actions like washing your car on the lawn, composting garden waste, installing a rainwater tank for garden watering, planting ground-cover plants, using mulch to prevent top soils washing away and reduce erosion all help to create a garden that is water-wise. Read up on more water smart actions you can take each day, and the best plants for Brisbane's subtropical climate.

And don’t sweat if gardening is not your thing! We’ve got you covered on a hot day with the shady groves of our botanic gardens and Roma Street Parkland.

Make the most of free native plants

Green your backyard with our free native plants program, which offers a range of free plants for residential ratepayers, schools and community groups. We provide more than 40,000 free native plants each year, helping Brisbanites plant natives that use less water because they’re chosen for the suitability to our subtropical climate. Winning!

Help grow our urban forest

Trees help to keep our city several degrees cooler. While Brisbane has more than 16,000 hectares of bushland and parks, more trees in our public and private urban areas means a bigger urban forest and a cooler city for everyone. All up, we planted more than 12,000 new trees last financial year!

It’s a longer-term cooling plan, but planting more trees on your property and caring for the trees in your neighbourhood helps to grow our urban forest, which contributes to our subtropical landscape, provides shade and cooling, gives our native wildlife a home and food to eat, and helps reduce dust and pollution. Keep an eye out for community street tree planting events coming up in your area!

Are you insulated?

From the simple act of turning off appliances at the wall to grand gestures of installing solar power, there are many ways you can reduce emissions in your home. Including, installing ceiling insulation which can reduce the cost of heating or cooling your home by 20 to 30 per cent.

Grow your green heart

Learn more ways to be green at Brisbane’s largest green living event, Green Heart Fair, which has been helping locals tune up their eco-warrior ways for more than a decade. Mark 7 June in your diary for this year’s fair and get tips and tricks from some of Australia’s leading sustainability and environmental experts.

Keeping Brisbane clean and green makes sure our city is livable and sustainable now and into the future. With simple acts we can all live a little more sustainably and keep cool.

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Last updated:3 February 2020
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