Turn your scraps into food


Food waste is a big part of what goes into Brisbane’s bins but thankfully it’s quick, easy and free to regrow a host of food scraps into delicious fresh produce to help keep your kitchen, and Brisbane, clean and green.

Regrow your food

Sowing leftover seeds, roots and stems from your fruit and vegetables is a great way to cut down on your food bill and save on waste. The best part is that you don’t need a garden or a huge amount of space to give them a new lease of life, just a sunny window sill will do in most cases!

Some of the easiest foods to regrow are garlic, spring onions and ginger. Here’s how to regrow these items so that you’ll always have them on hand for cooking.


Never be caught without garlic for your recipe again with this easy trick. Pick a clove with some shoots sprouting, plant in a pot filled with soil ensuring you bury the whole clove with the shoots pointing up. Water twice a week and your garlic should be ready for harvest in a few months.

Spring onions

Keep the root ends of your grocery-bought spring onions and pop them in a pot with soil, watering regularly. Once they are fully grown you can snip at the base as you need them. Keep the roots in the soil and they will continue to regrow about four more times before you will need to start the process again. Your weekend scrambled eggs will go to a new level with a fresh spring onion garnish on demand!


Ginger is great because you can grow it easily indoors. Soak your sprouting ginger in water overnight then fill a pot with soil and bury the root with the bud pointing up – a wide pot works better because ginger grows horizontally. Place the pot in a warm space indoors where it won’t get a lot of bright light and your ginger will be ready in about eight months.

Composting food scraps

If you’re short on time or your green thumb isn’t so green, there are other ways to be sustainable. Composting is a great way to recycle food waste and create your own compost for the garden.

There are more than 20 community composting hubs across Brisbane as well as composting workshops run by Council to help reduce the amount of organic waste being sent to landfill. Residents who register to participate in the Community Composting Hub program can collect a free kitchen caddy from your local ward office to store food scraps in a convenient way.

Join a composting or worm farming workshop to receive a composting discount voucher to redeem your own worm farm or compost bin at a discounted price.

Love Food Hate Waste

You’ll look at leftovers and that slightly wilted veg in the crisper in a new light with tasty recipes like frittata or stir-fry with Love Food Hate Waste. Food waste makes up nearly a quarter of the average Brisbane household rubbish bin signalling there’s simple changes we can all make in the kitchen one meal at a time. Visit Love Food Hate Waste for plenty of helpful tips and recipes.

With so many ways to reuse your food, why not get sprouting today!

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