Who’s the greenest of them all?

Brisbane is packed with environmentally friendly champions and, with so many local groups, schools, organisations and stand-up citizens making a difference, we relish any opportunity to celebrate all their contributions to our city.

Take a minute to read about Brisbane award winners for the Cleaner Suburb Awards, who go out of their way putting their best green foot forward to ensure our wild and green spaces are protected and waste is reduced to keep our city clean and green for future generations. 

We thank all our lovely eco-conscious contributors. Together, we’ve achieved a lot, but there’s more to be done.

Keep reading to find out about the next round of Brisbane City Council's environment grants and sustainability grants.

Ned Heaton tackles plastics with toothbrushes

At the age of 11, Ned Heaton has:

  • founded his own company - The Turtle Tribe
  • given away more than 400 bamboo toothbrushes
  • raised over $11,000.

All in the name of less single-use plastic and reducing plastic in the ocean. What a superstar!

Ned has taken his mission into the spotlight, with media appearances, speaking events and tens of thousands of online video views to help educate people about the need to make the switch from plastic to more eco-friendly materials.

His efforts volunteering at local beach and waterway clean ups and approaching Brisbane businesses to promote his mission, has landed himself an individual youth award in our Cleaner Suburbs 2019 Awards. 

Community cheer for The Greenbrook Association

The Greenbrook Association, based in Grange Forest Park, has been thriving for more than 30 years in Brisbane regenerating native bushland in the Kedron Brook Catchment.

In addition to working towards waste reduction, improving the diversity of flora and fauna in the catchment or lowering the frequency of uncontrolled bushfires, The Greenbrook Association also works with local schools to educate students about local catchments and ecological monitoring.

The Greenbrook Association are one of several outstanding groups, who are making a significant difference to waste management, education and litter prevention within their communities.

Litter solutions by Aspley East State High School

A big hurray for the students and staff of Aspley East State High School who were voted winners by the community!

The school implemented a litter management program by:

  • organising clean-up days
  • class discussions
  • brainstorming.

They’ve created a cultural change within the school community and their students are encouraged to share the learnings from the program with their families and create positive change for a greener community.

Well done to Aspley East State School for winning the People’s Choice Litter Prevention Award in our 2019 Cleaner Suburbs Awards.

A big congratulations

There were seven award categories to recognise our suburban sustainability superstars, and in 2019, we had 186 nominations – that’s more residents nominated for being clean and green than ever before!

Congratulations to all our award winners and finalists! No matter how big or small your contribution to keeping this city clean and green is, you’re still a sustainability superstar. These award winners were recognised by Council and our partner, CitySmart.

Grants for green local champions

Council works with residents and local communities to make the Brisbane of tomorrow better than the Brisbane of today. We have awards and grants to show our appreciation and to support residents who share our love for keeping our city clean and green.

In 2019, Council’s environmental grants helped to:

  • protect and restore native animal habitat
  • treat invasive weeds
  • rehabilitate natural vegetation
  • improve biodiversity
  • support operational and administrative expenses for organisations who are working to protect Brisbane’s natural environment.

Grant applications are now open.

Applications for the next round of Council’s Environmental and Sustainability Grants, will open to not-for-profit community groups and organisations across Brisbane who are working hard to improve Brisbane’s natural environment.

Find out more information on how to apply for the next round of Council’s Environmental Grants and Sustainability Grants

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Last updated:11 November 2019
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