Lourdes Hill College Student Environmental Leadership Network video transcript

This page content is a transcript of the content from the video about Lourdes Hill College participation in the Student Environmental Leadership Network (SELN).

The video includes the following participants:

  • Gaby - Lourdes Hill College student
  • Kerry Manders - Assistant Principal, Lourdes Hill College
  • David Kitcher - Building Systems Officer, Lourdes Hill College.

View the video on Council's You Tube channel. Closed captions are available.

Transcript with two columns - name of participant and video transcript
GabyThe SELN program has shown me that anyone can make a change, no matter your age.
KerryI would recommend SELN to other schools, particularly if you're looking for more opportunities for leadership.
GabyWhat we put in place in our school was we implemented recycling for students to dispose of their plastic properly and we also put in reusable bottles within the tuckshop so that they had the choice to go with the sustainable action.
KerryWe've seen a lot of the use of the water taps to refill their water bottles rather than purchasing it from the tuckshop.
DavidWe're stating to see rubbish being separated - put into its appropriate place.
GabyOver the course of the year, we are saving 84,000 litres of recycling from going to the landfill. I would definitely recommend SELN to anyone who was thinking of doing it.


Last updated:3 May 2019