Plastic Free July

Brisbane City Council is supporting Plastic Free July to reduce the harmful impact of plastic on the environment by encouraging residents to ‘Choose To Refuse’ plastic to create a clean and green city.

In 2017-18, Brisbane residents sent approximately 38,000 tonnes of plastic to landfill via their household rubbish bin, including lots of plastic products that could have been recycled or avoided.

We often use plastic for convenience and without thinking about its impact on waterways, bushland and oceans or the animals that live in these habitats. Plastic Free July is an opportunity to consider our plastic consumption and consciously work to reduce our reliance on single-use items.

Take the challenge

You can commit to reducing your plastic consumption this July by joining the challenge and saying no to single-use plastic.

Visit the Plastic Free July website to explore ideas for plastic free living and sign up for the challenge.

Simple changes

Going plastic free doesn’t have to be hard. You can start slow and commit to making small changes that can help to make a big impact.

Here are a few ideas to try:

  • carry a reusable water bottle
  • say no to plastic straws
  • take a reusable shopping bag with you whenever you shop
  • BYO your own takeaway container and saying no to plastic cutlery.

Get involved

Come along to one of the Plastic Free July events in June and July and hear about what local businesses and community are doing to go plastic free. You will also have the opportunity to learn some DIY skills and alternatives to using plastic in your life.

See full events listing for Brisbane.

Planning a plastic free event

For information about planning a plastic free event in Brisbane, refer to the event sustainability guidelines.  

Last updated:6 June 2019