Composting Discount Voucher

Recycling your organic food scraps at home has never been easier with Council’s Composting Discount Voucher.

How to receive a voucher

Residents who attend a Brisbane City Council compost or worm farm workshop will receive a voucher to buy a compost bin or worm farm at a discounted price when purchased at Council’s tip shops. The initiative will make setting up your organic recycling system at home more affordable.

Access to this discount is exclusively available to Brisbane residents who have attended one of Council’s free compost and worm farm workshops.

Additional benefits

Residents may also receive a free compost and worm farm blanket with their purchase, while stocks last.

Purchasing a compost bin or worm farm at Council’s tip shops will not only help create a clean and green Brisbane but also support the Endeavour Foundation, who run Council’s Tip Shops and support people with a disability.

The Endeavour Foundation will receive a $5.50 donation for each compost bin sold and a $6 donation for each worm farm sold using a voucher.

Use the table to see prices with and without a Composting Discount Voucher. All prices are GST inclusive.

This table provides information about the pricing of compost bins and worm farms with and without a Composting Discover Voucher.
Item Price with a voucher Price without a voucher
Compost bin $45 $60
Worm farm $65 $85


Last updated:20 August 2019