Environmental offset restoration - video transcript

This is a transcript of the environmental offset restoration video on Council's YouTube account.

This drone video for Brisbane environmental offsets outlines the positive work of Brisbane City Council and the Environmental Offsets Program, while showing areas that have had trees planted to assist with local wildlife.

Upbeat instrumental music begins and plays throughout, as the video opens with Council workers putting together tree guards and placing them around newly planted trees. The text explains that Brisbane City Council is restoring Brisbane’s bushland.

Drone footage flies over a large clearing in the middle of dense bushland where Council has commenced planting trees. A number of newly planted trees can be seen at the top of the clearing, while the rest of the clearing has more mature plants that have been planted and grown, with logs deposited at intervals around the clearing for native animal homes. The text explains that environmental offsets balance impacts on habitat as our city develops.

The video shows a close up of a Sickle-leaved Wattle, slowly waving in gentle sunlight. The camera moves from the tip of the branch, along to the left. The text states native species are planted and sites maintained for five years.

The drone then flies down closer to the clearing seen previously in the video, showing a closer view of the mature plants and the new saplings in the bright sunlight. The text at the bottom of the screen says that logs provide homes for insects and reptiles.

The video then shows a number Squirrel Gliders in a nesting box, curled up together with gum tree leaves lining the bottom of the box. The text reads nesting boxes house native birds and wildlife.

The last section of the video shows a text box over drone footage, which is rising over the tops of trees on the edge of bushland. The text box reads ‘Keeping Brisbane clean, green and sustainable’ with an internet search icon to search for ‘Brisbane environmental offsets’. The I Heart BNE logo is in the bottom left corner and the Brisbane City Council logo with tagline 'Dedicated to a better Brisbane' is in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Last updated:7 May 2019