Queensland Government Waste Levy

The Queensland Government's Waste Levy has been developed to:

  • reduce waste to landfill
  • encourage waste avoidance
  • provide a source of funding for better resource recovery practices.

The levy will apply to all waste disposed of in landfill and is effective from 1 July 2019.

The Queensland Government has committed for the levy to not directly impact households. As such, local governments will be reimbursed the levy for the portion of the waste collected which is defined as household (domestic) waste. Residents disposing of household waste will not have the levy included in disposal costs.

The levy will be included in the:

  • fees and charges for commercial waste disposed of via Council’s four resource recovery centres
  • waste utility charge in commercial rates notices.

How will the levy affect Council's fees and charges for commercial waste?

Council’s current staggered fee structure (differential rates) will continue to apply after the introduction of the levy. Differential rates will apply for 0.1 and up to 0.5 tonnes of commercial waste.

Differential rates allow businesses to pay for smaller loads and only be liable to pay the portion of the levy that reflects these smaller quantities. For example, differential rates feature a pro-rata levy component, such as a 100 kg disposal will include a levy component of $7.50 in the total price.

Council’s full schedule of fees and charges for our network of disposal facilities will be released in the upcoming Budget.

Waste vouchers

To provide additional support to Brisbane’s business community, Council will allow waste disposal vouchers to continue to be transferred to commercial operators up to loads up to one tonne when delivered in a vehicle under 4.5 CGVM. Waste vouchers are sent to all domestic ratepayers in Brisbane.

Green waste exemption

Businesses wishing to dispose of green waste will remain unaffected by the Queensland Government Waste Levy. No levy is applied to green waste because this material does not go to landfill.

More information

For the latest information about the Queensland Government's Waste Levy including rates, exemptions and waste reduction programs, refer to the Queensland Government's Waste Levy website.

Council advises commercial operators affected by the Queensland Waste Disposal Levy that feedback or enquiries should be directed to the Queensland Government by:

Last updated:3 June 2019
Topics: waste