Become a Waste Smart Kindy

A Waste Smart Kindy is an early learning centre or service that has demonstrated a commitment to keeping Brisbane clean, green and sustainable by reducing the amount of their waste being sent to landfill and increasing resource recovery.

Who can apply

Applications to become a Waste Smart Kindy are open to early learning centres or services that care for 0-4 year olds including family day care, for-profit and not-for-profit day care and that are located within the Brisbane local government area (LGA).

How to apply

To apply, the director or manager of the early learning centre or service must first check the eligibility criteria, as outlined in the terms and conditions, has been met before completing the online application form

Applicants will be contacted within four weeks of submitting their application and if the service or centre meets eligibility criteria, council will make an appointment to visit the centre or service to complete the assessment process.

Eligibility criteria

Early learning centres can become a Waste Smart Kindy once they fulfil the eligibility criteria and demonstrate evidence that the centre staff and management has begun implementing waste reduction initiatives and reflected upon the successes and challenges of becoming a Waste Smart Kindy.

The following criteria is used to assess the applications. Before starting your application, make sure you have read and comply with the eligibility criteria.

  • A minimum of 75% of staff at the early learning centre have completed the online professional development course within the last three years.
  • The induction process for new staff has been updated to include training in waste smart practises.
  • Materials provided in the Waste Smart Kindy toolkit are displayed at the centre, such as poster and bin stickers.
  • Evidence of communicating the waste smart message with the wider early learning centre community (for example distribution of fact sheets to families, sharing waste smart activities via social media and newsletters).
  • The centre has developed and implemented an action plan based on individual action plans from the online professional development course.
  • Evidence that regular waste audits are being conducted to review waste practices and that opportunities are being identified to progressively reduce waste at the centre.
  • Able to demonstrate new initiatives or efforts are being implemented to become more waste smart.

View the full program terms and conditions

The Waste Smart Kindy

As a Waste Smart Kindy the centre’s staff and management have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to implementing waste reduction initiatives and to reflecting on the successes and challenges of being a waste smart kindy.

Successful early learning centres or services will receive the following:

  • an education pack of early learning resources and equipment focussing on waste minimisation to the value of approximately $200 (including GST). The pack will include a choice of two of the following items:
    • one book pack containing a selection of early learning picture books relating to waste, recycling and sustainability (valued at approximately $100 (including GST))
    • one worm farm, worm blanket, instructional sign and worm poster (valued at approximately $80 (including GST))
    • one compost bin, instructional sign and compost aerator (valued at approximately $85 (including GST))
    • one raised garden bed (valued at approximately $90 (including GST))
    • one recycling game (valued at approximately $95 (including GST))
    • two paper making kits (valued at approximately $80 (including GST))
  • the choice of one Waste Smart Kindy signage from the options available e.g. fence banner or corflute sign
  • a certificate for the Early Learning Centre acknowledging the Early Learning Centre as a Waste Smart Kindy
  • the Early Learning Centre will be listed as a Waste Smart Kindy on Council’s website for a period of three years.
Last updated: 6 August 2019