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Environmental offsets

Brisbane City Council is currently undertaking planting and restoration works across Brisbane, and has already established several environmental offset sites.

In line with Brisbane. Clean, Green, Sustainable 2017-2031, the Offsets and Restoration Program plays a vital role in helping Council achieve its goal of 40% natural habitat cover on mainland Brisbane by 2031. The selection of sites and carefully planned restoration activities, also help to ensure that Brisbane’s natural habitat cover is connected and healthy. Council is continually looking for new potential offset sites across the city, where land and habitat can be restored.

The offset restoration works balances the impacts on habitat as our city develops and are undertaken in accordance with requirements of the Queensland Environment Offsets Act (2014) (QEOA). The works may include:

  • planting native species that are consistent with the existing regional ecosystem
  • mulching for erosion control, soil moisture retention and weed suppression
  • placing coarse woody debris (including logs, old tree stumps and large branches) to provide immediate habitat and refuge for fauna. Coarse woody debris used within restoration sites is sourced from storm clean-ups or development sites, that would have otherwise been chipped or mulched
  • installing natural and/or artificial hollows, perches and nesting sites in existing trees, or on habitat poles, to provide a safe place for local wildlife
  • weed management and existing native vegetation maintenance.

Watch the video

Learn more about environmental offset restoration in this video. You can also view this video on Council's YouTube account.

Read the environmental offset restoration video transcript.

Environmental offset and restoration sites locations

Suburb Location Site details (significant fauna supported by the restoration, corridor links, size of the restoration area)  Start date
Anstead Anstead Bushlands - 129 Hawkesbury Road Brown goshawk, eastern chestnut mouse and squirrel glider

Links to Brisbane River and Anstead Bushland Reserve


June 2016
Bracken Ridge 544 Telegraph Road Sugar glider and squirrel glider


April 2018
Brighton Goodenia Reserve - 93 Massie Street Greater glider, squirrel glider and brown goshawk


May 2017
Brighton Dianella Reserve (North East Wetlands) - 86 Speight Street Sugar glider, squirrel glider and black-breasted button quail

Links to North East Wetland Reserve


May 2018
Burbank Brisbane Koala Bushlands - 107 Alperton Road Koala and squirrel glider

Increase the area of the Brisbane Koala Bushlands


March 2018
Burbank Brisbane Koala Bushlands - 144 Alperton Road Koala, squirrel glider and great barred frog

Increase the area of the Brisbane Koala Bushlands


March 2018
Burbank Alperton Road Park (Brisbane Koala Bushlands) - 148-150 Alperton Road Koala and squirrel glider

Increase the area of the Brisbane Koala Bushlands


November 2018
Drewvale Drewvale Bushlands -315-3174 Beaudesert Road Greater glider, powerful owl and squirrel glider


April 2017
Doolandella Armisfield Street Park - 24 Fred Pham Crescent Squirrel glider, feather tailed glider and wedge-tailed eagle


April 2018
Karawatha Karawatha Forest - 183-205 Garfield Road Powerful owl, green-thighed frog, wallum froglet and koala

Increase the area of Karawatha Forest


June 2016
Kholo 664 Lake Manchester Road Feather tailed glider, pale-vented bush-hen, powerful owl, white-bellied sea-eagle and wedge-tailed eagle


February 2017
Larapinta Sergeant Dan Stiller Memorial Reserve - 100 Logistics Place Powerful owl, greater glider, grey headed flying fox and swamp wallaby

15.7 ha

May 2018
McDowall Old Northern Road Park - 309-315 Old Northern Road Koala, squirrel glider and swamp wallaby


April 2018
McDowall Savalas Street Park - 52 Savalas Street Squirrel glider, swamp wallaby, koala and tusked frog

Provide links to the Cabbage Tree Creek corridor


November 2018
Moggill John Sprent Reserve - 129 Ellerby Road Koala, powerful owl and greater glider


April 2018
Parkinson Parkinson Bushland - 183 Johnson Road Koala, squirrel glider, sugar glider and spotted tail quolls


April 2018
Stretton Karawatha Forest Park West - 330 Kameruka Street Powerful owl, green-thighed frog, wallum froglet and koala

Increase the area of Karawatha Forest


November 2018
Wakerley Mookin-Bah Reserve - 183-205 Greencamp Road Spotted grass frog, great brown brood frog, sugar glider, squirrel glider, brown goshawk and koala


November 2016

Nest boxes

Council has installed many nest boxes at the environmental offset sites across Brisbane. Nest boxes are installed to supplement the existing tree hollows on environment offset sites. Nest boxes assist wildlife by providing suitable nesting and roosting places which are required by many of Brisbane’s fauna species.  

The provision of nest boxes is one way Council is providing wildlife habitat in line with Brisbane. Clean, Green, Sustainable 2017-2031

04 April 2019