Changes to flood standards and levels

Following the January 2011 flood, a Joint Flood Taskforce was formed. The Taskforce helped Brisbane City Council understand the event and any impact new information may have on flooding standards for planning and development in Brisbane.

On 15 March 2011, Council endorsed the Joint Flood Taskforce Report (PDF - 400kb) which made seven key recommendations addressing issues such as:

  • interim changes to flooding standards for building and development based on the January 2011 flood
  • further analysis of risks posed by flooding in the Brisbane catchment
  • further flood studies to refine Council's technical understanding of flooding
  • updated study of the profile and characteristics of the Brisbane River
  • investigate and consider new flood risk management strategies which may work well in the Brisbane City Catchment.

In rapid response to one of the Taskforce recommendations Council adopted Temporary Local Planning Instrument 01/11 - Brisbane Interim Flood Response, and subsequently, Temporary Local Planning Instrument 01/12 Brisbane Interim Flood Response. Temporary Local Planning Instrument 01/12 expired on 15 May 2013 and was replaced by the Brisbane Interim Flood Response provisions in the Brisbane City Plan 2014. These provisions will continue to guide development in areas affected by the 2011 Brisbane River flood as well as creek/waterway flooding.

Last updated: 9 May 2019